High sewer fees

don’t seem fair

The City of Terre Haute is putting it to the county people again, with sewage rates raised by the City Council, which just like mayor, we don’t vote for. They impose all these fees against county residents yet we have no say so in it.

Make city residents pay over $50 every three months for trash removal like county people do and the city will have plenty of money. Then they won’t have to take advantage of out-of-city-limits people. Next thing you know the city will have to aid people in paying sewage; as they do heating bills.

Why don’t they meter sewage? One person who is disabled on a fixed income and senior citizens shouldn’t be shouldering the same as people with a big family and more sewage.

What’s the city going to do next, tax milk and diapers? I’m sure I’m not the only out-of-city-limits resident swindled by the laws of city slickers. Stand up and be heard.

— Gina Hair

Terre Haute

Editor’s note: Out of fairness, it should be noted that while county residents on the city’s sewer system pay higher sewer fees, they do not pay city taxes, some of which goes to funding services such as the sanitary and storm-water system.

Here’s a real

liberal agenda

Why don’t we just adopt Mexico? The Secretary of State has already blamed the United States for the drug violence there (by demand for drugs in this country) so why not assume responsibility for the country as a whole?

Think about it. We could take down that useless fence and reassign border patrol agents. The “immigration issue” would simply disappear.

Mexico could supply an endless amount of marijuana for recreational use in Colorado and the slew of states that are sure to follow that state’s lead. The huge deficit that has ballooned these past four years could be quickly erased with the tax revenue on Mexican weed.  

Heck, with Mexico in tow we could export quality pot around the world using modern plant technology and good old-fashioned American know-how. The possibilities are endless. Our president could reassemble his high school choom gang and create a new government agency — the Department of Choom.

If Mexico doesn’t want to be adopted, maybe we could buy it. We’re already printing tons of money, what’s a few billion more? How many pesos would that be anyway? I think it would be a great investment. While we’re at it maybe we could adopt or buy Canada, too.

Can you imagine — cheap labor, cheap drugs (prescription and otherwise,) and free health care for everyone? If we could somehow legalize cocaine no one would have to work ever again and everyone would get a government check. We would all be North Americans, change the Canadian Maple Leaf symbol to the Cannabis sprig, and never look back.

Now that the pesky election is over, let’s get down to business and a real liberal agenda.

— Douglas Elia

Terre Haute

Program at same

time as services

I read with interest the letter to Readers’ Forum by Janet Mason on  Nov. 14. titled “Great Parade, but some were AWOL.”

Could Ms. Mason be unaware that the parade was held in conjunction with many church services at the same time? I know tradition warrants that Veterans Day ceremonies occur at 11 a.m., but being a veteran of 22 years (retired Army), I chose to give my allegiance to God in his house. I am not taking the side of those political electees, but just stating that maybe they, too, chose to be in church.

It would have been nice if the parade was at 1 p.m. in lieu of 11 a.m.

This, like Ms. Mason, is my opinion. No sour grapes on my part.

— Bob Spruill

Terre Haute


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