Many ways to honor veterans on holiday

Although I understand and respect the opinions of writers such as Ms. Mason, who on Nov. 14 complained about those absent from the Veterans Day parade, I would like to share my thoughts on this subject.

I was torn about attending the parade. I always attend to honor the veterans past and present, but I also attend church at the same hours of this year’s parade and program downtown.

I gave it much thought and actually felt guilty about not attending the parade because my son, Adam Buck, is an active soldier in the U.S. Army where he has served for almost 11 years. He is getting ready for his sixth deployment after only being home from Afghanistan for three months.

Although I missed the parade and ceremony, I was thankful for the decision to attend my church and spend that morning with my church family where our choir sang like angels in honor of Veterans Day and our pastor had a meaningful sermon.

I am sorry that you were disappointed, but many others I am sure were attending their church services also. I really do understand the 11th month, 11th day, 11th hour. But I was right where I was suppose to be Sunday.

— Nancy Buck

Terre Haute


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