Referendum was a rigged process

Congratulations to the School Board for managing to get even deeper into everyone’s pockets (mainly property owners) through the referendum, which in my opinion was improperly conducted, and here’s why: The voting was open to everyone, regardless if they owned property or not. Is this not taxation without representation? Or, at the least, taxation by improper representation? 

This referendum should not have been on the general ballot, but instead included in the tax bill, and only those who actually own property should have been allowed to vote on it. They allowed college students who won’t even be residing here to vote on an issue which most likely will not directly affect them, but will have long standing impact on those who live here and own property. How is this even legal, when I can’t even vote for who the mayor of Terre Haute is, even though I have a Terre Haute address, because I live in the county. 

Seems to me the whole process was rigged from the beginning. 

Also, I still don’t get how the cash balance went from $30 million under an apparently corrupt administration where it seems at least three were on the take, to almost gone immediately after the new superintendent took over. Anyone? So tired of them spending money on an education system that could easily go digital and eliminate the need for physical buildings and hauling students around on expensive and polluting diesel buses. Issue every student who doesn’t already have access to a laptop a unit to borrow, and do conference classrooms online. This is already being done by many colleges and universities, why not public schools as well? 

Let’s get with the times and really do a serious update on how we educate our children. It’s way past time. (And by the way, schools were not originally conceived as a welfare/feeding station; we have other agencies to deal with that.)

— Charles Milner, Terre Haute

Goodwin showed tireless dedication

I’d like to say thank you to Pat Goodwin for the time and effort that he put into his mayoral campaign. Pat worked tirelessly over the past two years to bring many issues to light that we face as a community and offered solutions to those issues. He may have come up a few votes short but that doesn’t diminish the dedication that he and his family put forth.

It should be noted that Pat endured countless attacks, including the anonymous day-before-the-election mailing that listed baseless accusations and lies, yet offered no proof. Although anonymous, most knew exactly who was behind that smear. Unfortunately, in politics, stupidity is not a handicap. Through all of that, Pat maintained his integrity and for that he should be proud.

A win? Yes. A mandate? No. The majority of votes cast made it clear that a change in direction was preferred. Hopefully, the current administration will pay attention to the issues that Pat introduced in his forums and use that information to better our community and move it forward.

— Brad Miller, Terre Haute


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