Pay attention to children’s sight

I have a story to tell you about eyes. I am and have been involved in a program to go to Head Starts, day cares and schools to check or screen children’s eyesight.

First of all, I must tell you that I am not a doctor, nor do I tell you this tale to get you to go to or to take your child to any certain doctor.

My story is of my personal concern for the need for parents and all those that have children and are responsible for children to know what the now state of sight is with our children.

I, along with many thousands of others, belong to Lions Club around the world. My story is about my little part of this world and its neglect of the eyesight. My group of friends and Lions have been involved in screening kids’ eyes for 15 years. When we first started out, we were checking kids 1 year old through 6 years of age. 

In this program we found that the kids that had mild to serious problems seeing was 6 percent of those screened; that was 15 years ago. In the state of Indiana, where we now screen, the law states that the children must be screened for eye problems in the first, third, fifth and eighth grades of school. Each year we screen at about this time around 2,000 children in public schools, or any school where we are invited to do so. Now to our dismay the sight problem rate has grown to 25 percent. Twenty-five out of every 100 kids we check have a sight problem; a problem most of them don’t even know they have.

Our group of screeners is very downhearted at this finding. My purpose of this writing is to get parents and all those adults responsible for kids to wake up and do something about this. 20/20 is good eyesight. We catch kids that are 20/200, this is legally blind for kids in schools.

Be aware that this problem touches all of us. Poor vision affects every aspect of a child’s life, grades, social growth and above all safety.

Kids’ eyes can change often in their ability to see. Many of those we find with disorders already have glasses, but need new ones.

Parents — don’t just ask your kids if they can see well, they don’t know. Take them to an eye specialist. If they need glasses, then get them glasses and make them wear them. Please, take this serious, because it is serious.

— Ron Spivey, Cayuga

Lions Club Past District Governor

Executions set to resume in TH 

There are approximately 62 men currently on our nation’s first and only federal death row, located at the Federal Correctional Complex in Terre Haute, Indiana, awaiting their lethal injections. There is no set time-limit on how long a death row inmate has to wait to be executed from the date of sentencing.

Although the current U.S. Attorney General has approved of the executions of five particularly heinous death row inmates (child murderers) in the upcoming months, only time will tell if said executions will actually be carried out.

Stay tuned.

— William Greenwell, Terre Haute


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