A biased story from hearings

In last Thursday’s paper, the leading headline was “Witness: Trump directed Ukraine quid pro quo.” The article was from Associated Press, Washington. I read the article and it was one of the most biased pieces of “reporting” that I have read. I was also disappointed that the Tribune-Star did not present anything that clearly showed this headline to be not only incorrect but down right wrong. 

I believe the Tribune-Star to be left leaning but I also expect more true reporting and not just another Democrat mouth piece. Where was the rebuttal? Where was the information that the headline was entirely almost entirely false? Shame on you, Tribune-Star, for not looking out for the American people by being our advocate and not a political spokesperson. 

What did you leave out? Sondland’s entire testimony was based upon his own presumptions and not fact. I quote from Cleveland.com, “the committee’s top Republican, Devin Nunes, said his testimony provided ‘zero evidence of any crimes that were alleged.’” Another member of the committee, Cincinnati GOP Rep. Brad Wenstrup, faulted Sondland for repeatedly presuming that releasing the aid was tied to anything.

“Two plus two does equal four, but in reality, two presumptions plus two presumptions does not equal one fact,” said Wenstrup. “And the fact is, Ambassador Sondland, the president did tell you ‘No quid pro quo.’ That’s a fact.”

Dayton Republican Rep. Mike Turner told Sondland “No one on this planet told you that President Trump was tying aid to investigations” and asked him whether that statement was true.

“Yes,” Sondland replied.”

This information should have been included and you, Tribune-Star, failed in your journalism to provide the truth. This is why the American people are beginning to think that newspapers that are biased do not deserve the protection of the First Amendment as they are a political mouthpiece for a political party.

— Mike Wilson, Marshall, Ill.

No merit to York’s biased assertions

Almost every Saturday morning, I can count on the article written by Disciple of Trump, Byron York, to raise my blood pressure to new heights, and the Nov. 23 article was no exception. The sensationalized headline is definitely an attention-getter, but the article itself is a biased attempt to persuade the cult and others that the impeachment hearings are without merit because the identity of the whistleblower remains a secret. 

Mr. York gives no merit to the fact that most of the testimony supporting the allegations of impropriety has been given by non-partisan foreign service officials; instead he chooses to expound on the notion that the conclusions offered by the Mueller investigation did, in fact, exonerate the president from any wrongdoing.

I would be inclined to ask Mr. York the following: “If there is a fire at your house and someone else calls 911 to report it, are you going to prevent the firefighters from doing their job until you find out who called it in?”

In looking at the background of Mr. York, it becomes apparent that he has little or no credibility when it comes to foreign affairs, as he has spent most of his sordid journalism career writing fantasy material describing the greatness of the Republican Party while writing fiction demonizing the Democratic Party. And for the past three years, he’s made no secret of his adoration of Trump.

Fiona Hill has spent much of her career specializing in foreign services and holds a doctorate degree in history. She served previously under Presidents Bush and Obama prior to serving the Trump administration, which would indicate that partisanship has not influenced her career. Based on her educational background as well as her career background, one would definitely have to assume that her testimony would have substantial merit. Dr. Fiona Hill’s opening statement and subsequent testimony should not be misconstrued or taken lightly by anyone, although it would appear that Mr. York has given it little or no consideration.

We the people depend on the media and the press to provide an unbiased accounting of the newsworthy items relative to the function of our government. Mr. York’s column is not only slanted but also is diversionary in nature as he attempts to down-play the wrongdoings of trump by implying that the Democrats are hiding something in an effort to prove that the president is guilty of using his office for personal gain. 

It’s a sad state of affairs knowing that there are many who will defend a person devoid of any moral attributes, simply because they don’t want to admit to a possible error in judgment. Even more depressing are the attempts to convince others that these immoral activities are beneficial to our country.

At this point in time, it isn’t really necessary to know who the whistleblower may or may not be. We’ve heard enough from those who are “in the know” to realize that orange idol of many has not only attempted to utilize his position for personal gain, but has also left the door open for Russian interference in the 2020 election. Mr. York, why don’t you go back to school and try to learn how a competent journalist is supposed to work?

— John D. Moore, Clinton

Proud of effort on NCAA weekend

Thank you, David Patterson and crew, for working the cross country NCAA finals. Terre Haute is proud of you. 

Aside from the economic boost, it gives us an opportunity to welcome visitors to our wonderful city. If it’s not done already, every hotel, Air BnB and restaurant should mark their calendars every time there’s an event at the LaVern Gibson Course. And that weekend, every receptionist, waitress and employee should greet their patrons with “Welcome to Terre Haute.” 

As a community, we all need to go out of our way to show our visitors what a great community Terre Haute is. Again, David Patterson, thank you and your staff for everything you do for our city.

— Don Morris, Terre Haute


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