Liberals distort women’s issues

The recent editorial about war on women is the typical liberal distortion started by the Democratic Party to get Barack Obama re-elected. What Republicans are against is the funding of mass abortions and has nothing to do with women getting mammograms or any other health problem. To say the Democrats are wildly trying to make this a campaign issue is putting it mildly.

The other attempt by a university student named Fluke was an attempt to mislead people into thinking she was one of those poor students who couldn’t afford her birth control pills. When she graduates and gets  a job, she will earn approximately $160,000 a year which puts her in that hated group of 1 percenters, which by the way includes Barack Obama.

I believe the Republicans agree that a woman who is raped, or mentally incompetent, or will suffer serious health problems or death would still be able to get an abortion. I was also under the impression that girls as well as boys went to college to get an education, not participate in wild sex parties and drunken orgies.

As far as a war on social safety nets and workers rights, that is another liberal lie. They are trying to preserve those programs and stop the trip over the cliff that this Congress and Obama is attempting.  Is the massive indebtedness going to benefit the poor and middle class when our country goes into bankruptcy, or our currency is devalued and all the 401ks and IRA programs are worth half or nothing?

— Loren Fifer

West Terre Haute

Davis Park says thanks for honor

Congratulations to our entire school community at Davis Park. We were recently notified by Mike Roberts from the Tribune-Star that Davis Park Elementary School was awarded Tribune-Star 2012 Readers’ Choice winner for “Best Elementary School.”

Our students and staff met for an all-school assembly on Monday, April 9, and were presented with a plaque by Sherri Eslinger of the Tribune-Star. Mrs. Eslinger explained that out of approximately 4,000 votes sent in, Davis Park Elementary School had the most votes and hand-written notes.

We are very appreciative of all of this community support.

Thank you so much for all who voted for Davis Park. Our students, parents and staff are very proud and excited to receive “The Tribune Star Readers’ Choice Best Elementary School Award.”

Our entire school community will continue to work together to help all of our students learn and be successful.

— Tammy Roeschlein


Davis Park Elementary School

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