GOP supermajority requires oversight

Under Indiana Code 3-9-2-12, candidates for any statewide office are prohibited from soliciting or accepting campaign contributions in odd-numbered years (i.e., 2021) from the start of budget session until that session is adjourned. This law helps prevent corruption of the budget process via campaign contributions.

On April 26, Holli Sullivan, who was appointed secretary of state in March, most willingly and publicly broke this law. In a Facebook post, she announced her candidacy to be elected to this office in 2022, providing web links for soliciting and accepting campaign contributions. (The other declared GOP candidate, Diego Morales, did the same thing.)

Perhaps such an obscure law has no tangible effect on your daily life. However, this is the person who helps draft election law and is charged with upholding fair election and legislative processes. Given these responsibilities, Sullivan cannot legitimately claim ignorance — as such, this is yet another example of the INGOP running roughshod over the state which it controls by supermajority. They hope you do not notice, and even more that you do not care.

This is the Indiana GOP, and it is time that we elected someone other than a Republican to police the Republican monopoly.

— Eric Allen, Martinsville

Don’t take clean water for granted

This week is Water Week 2021, and water system failures in Texas, Flint and Newark in recent years is evidence not all Americans have access to clean water.

Water quality reports across the country reveal severe inefficiencies in our tap water systems. From lead contamination, to E. coli and sludge-like “biofilm,” millions of Americans are (often unknowingly) exposed to unhealthy drinking water.

To address this mounting problem, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency estimates it will take about $750 billion to improve our water infrastructure over the next 20 years.

This Water Week let’s demand that our legislators address America’s water woes and ensure clean drinking water for all communities.

In the meantime, it’s important to prepare your household for the unexpected. FEMA recommends storing at least one gallon of bottled water per person per day for several days.

— James Bowers,

No news about bad things Biden does

Ron Hastings, I said no such thing about forever Trumpers being shut out of the opinion section. I said, and I quote, “The only thing we have left for now is the opinion column, but for how long?”

My entire letter was based on the censorship of the news media and this newspaper. With the exception of the opinion column, have you ever read anything bad about Joe Biden from the Washington Post in this paper? Everything under Trump was a crisis. Everything under Biden is now a challenge. The one thing Malcolm X said that I agree with is whoever controls the news media controls the country. 

Donald Trump’s biggest fault is that he is a big mouth braggart who went to war with the media and lost. That being said, if Trump could have stopped that virus in a month or two and then been able to brag about it saying look what I did don’t you think he would have done it? The reason the virus is under control is because of a vaccine that was created in less than a year under the Trump administration.

Remember when the liberal news was saying it would be impossible to have a vaccine in less than five years.

If you get on social news media you can see all day long the bad things Biden has done and is still doing. Just don’t expect the Washington Post to print it. You notice I said “see”? Did you see the two children being thrown over the border wall? Have you read or seen it in this paper?

— Gary Smith, Terre Haute

Animal studies save lives

White Coat Waste Project calls animal research “taxpayer waste.” The statement is absurd given what we have all witnessed over the past 12 months. Research in mice, rats, monkeys, hamsters and other animals revealed critical information to help combat COVID-19. Millions of Americans are being safely vaccinated in record time thanks to decades of research — including pivotal animal studies in the ‘90s — that resulted in a remarkable new vaccination method using snippets of RNA.

Want more proof? Consider the fact that nearly every Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine featured animal studies. This includes every prize awarded for the past 30 years.

Even The American Veterinary Medical Association supports animal studies. Know why? Because advancements that improve animal medicine and save our pets’ lives require animal studies as well.

The proof is all around us. Animal research saves lives.

— Jim Newman, Communications Director

Americans for Medical Progress

Depend on Jesus to make things right

The United States is supposed to be the land of the free. But it is far from it. They’re killing Blacks, and they’re killing Jews, and they’re killing Asians. And yes, they’re also killing whites. 

Things won’t be right until Jesus comes. Come on, Jesus, and pull us through.

Isaiah 25:6-8 announces a great feast accompanied by the promise of God’s redemption of the earth from the dark cloud of death that hangs over it. The mountain mentioned in verse 6 refers to Mount Zion on which Jerusalem stands. The promise of the great feast on that mountain shows the centrality of Israel for God’s purposes. But the promise of the feast for “all peoples” shows that Israel doesn’t exhaust the extent of God’s blessings. In fact, it’s the means through which God will bless all nations seen especially through Israel’s King who comes to Zion. — “Con Campbell from our Daily Bread.”

— Charles Moothery, Terre Haute

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