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Taking care of beloved areas

On the eve of Earth Day last week family members and neighbors of Collett Park had a sweet, simple celebration by planting a donated tree honoring the life of Aline Mascari, who was a resident of Collett Park for 70 years. Aline and her husband, Guy, raised eight outstanding children who loved the park. Their roots still run deep in the Collett Park and Twelve Points area where several of them still live.

As we stood there I was reminded of one of her sons, Frank Mascari, and the part he has played in the new life that is coming back to the Twelve Points area. Four years ago, when Karen Long and I retired, we began to pick up trash in Twelve Points, Frank Mascari (owner of Mascari Landscaping along with son, Brian) came alongside us and volunteered, with the blessing of the mayor, to help make the area beautiful again. 

Frank had his crew spray weeds in the cracks of the sidewalks, between the curbs and the streets, maintained the weed growth in Gold Medal Park, offered us his truck after hours to pick up couches, mattresses, etc., to help the city in our area, and this year when COVID hit, Frank sent a crew of his workers to put up lights for our annual Christmas Tree Lighting on Gold Medal Park.

He never would send us a bill because, in my mind, his roots still run deep in the neighborhood he grew up in and he cherishes his fond memories. A true community servant.

Frank, the Twelve Points and Collett Park neighbors thank you for all you have done and continue to do. Even though we still disagree over a Garfield-Schulte basketball game, we do still agree that Twelve Points and Collett Park hold cherished memories that are etched in our minds forever and believe the Earth in this area is very important.

Thank you for caring for our Earth.

— Susan Hamblen Mardis, Terre Haute

An encouraging, thoughtful story

I just wanted to say that I thought the article written about Chris Ennis by Sue Loughlin was excellent. 

I have a son who is disabled and recently joined the workforce. I worry for him because I know the public can be cruel, but Sue Loughlin’s article was thoughtful of the worker and gave me hope about the community’s response. 

Thank you and well done.

— Donna Solomon, Indianapolis

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