Cheers to Trump for ending Paris climate deal

Congratulations to President Trump for his courageous decision to get out of them Paris Climate Agreement. Thankfully, we now have a business man as President who is committed to promoting America’s interests and who can understand cost-reward considerations.These considerations are crystal clear in this situation: a staggering impact on the American economy and people for no gain. 

With regard to costs, the agreement would have obliterated $3 Trillion of GDP, 6.5 Million industrial sector jobs and $7,000 of per capita income by 2040. The Clean Power Plan alone, a component of fulfilling our commitment, would increase energy costs by 16 percent. An immediate financial impact on the US would have been a $3 Billion contribution to a developing countries “Green Fund” for their use in “mitigating the impact of Climate Change”. Many of the UN elitists and the benefiting “developing countries” have called for a ramping up to larger sums from the U.S. 

And what is the rest of the world required to do? All the signers set their own goals which they may voluntarily meet. China and India are not required to do anything until 2035 and India will not act until it receives $2.5 Trillion in aide. The “developing countries” of the world will see wealth transferred to them. Why wouldn’t they sign up? 

And the possible gain was negligible. If all the participants meet their goals 100 percent, MIT predicts that the Earth’s temperature would be lower by 0.20 degrees Celsius by 2100. The Heritage Foundation predicts 0.17. 

The hysteria which motivates this flawed agreement has its roots in projections by the computers of environmentalists that human-caused emissions of C02 will cause significant increases in the earth’s temperature. Scientists agree, and I do too, that increases in C02 will cause increases in the earth’s temperature. But what is clearly in doubt is the magnitude of the increases as predicted by the computers. Accurate measurements of the earth’s temperature since 1979 show that the actual temperature is increasing at about one-third the computer projections and there has been no increase in the last 17 years. Further, some part of this actual increase is very likely the result of natural causes. 

President Trump has agreed to renegotiate the Paris Agreement or negotiate a new one. Any future agreement should be preceded by a through and impartial evaluation of climate science dogma that gives an accurate prediction of the future. 

If the climate alarmists really wanted a solution to the problem they see, they would back the development of a new generation of nuclear reactors that are even safer and cheaper. France is way ahead of us in this field. Nuclear reactors furnish 75 percent of France’s energy needs, and they have the lowest energy costs in Europe. 

Former President Obama didn’t ask any of us or our representatives if we would agree to pay the costs of this agreement but he committed to draconian goals for the U.S. and began the implementation of regulations to immediately cut emissions. 

Looking at the agreement objectively, as President Trump did, makes it clear that Obama’s real objective was increased government control over the economy, the energy sector and nearly every aspect of our daily lives.

— Thomas B.Tucker, Terre Haute

Honoring the climate accord

Are you, too, fighting mad about Trump pulling the U.S. out of the Paris climate accord? Then let’s fight back three times a day by adopting an eco-friendly plant-based diet.

Yes, our diet is pivotal. A 2010 United Nations report blames animal agriculture for 19% of greenhouse gas emissions, 38% of land use, and 70 percent of global freshwater consumption.

Carbon dioxide is emitted by burning forests to create animal pastures and by fossil fuels combustion to operate farm machinery, trucks, factory farms, and slaughterhouses. The more damaging methane and nitrous oxide are released from digestive tracts of cattle and from animal waste cesspools, respectively.

In an environmentally sustainable world, meat and dairy products in our diet must be replaced by vegetables, fruits, and grains, just as fossil fuels are replaced by wind, solar, and other pollution-free energy sources.

Each of us has the power to protest Trump’s failure to maintain America’s leadership in moderating climate change, simply and effectively, by what we choose at the grocery store.

— Theo Mattson, Terre Haute

Heavy bias against Trump

After reading from a Froma Harrop column, “Can Americans get their democracy back,” I was just upset. When Hillary Clinton lied and did not do her job nothing was said about getting her out of office. 

I do not blame the president for saying he might cancel the White House press briefings. Every word he says and everything he does is gone over with a fine tooth comb to see if they can latch onto something to pick at. The press is very biased against Mr. Trump just as it thought everything Obama did was great.

I had a prestigious businessman tell me he had not read the Terre Haute newspaper for 15 years because it was biased.

I believe Mr. Trump is an unconventional president and that is long needed.

— Barbara Stoffer, Terre Haute

Wrecker service came to rescue

It was a busy Friday afternoon when my van decided to die on Third Street. Two wonderful gentlemen pushed me out of the busy intersection. 

I want to publicly thank them. I wanted everyone to know how Edington’s Wrecker Service saved me. They were there in under 15 minutes.

Thanks again to the two gentlemen and thank you Edington’s Wrecker Service.

— Suzi Unger, Terre Haute  

Be our guest

The other 190-plus countries can go ahead and participate in the Paris “climate treaty.” They just won’t have us to fund their share of the costs.

Now we will see how real and important climate change is to the Euro-weenies.

— Mark Burns, Terre Haute