Filibuster serves beneficial purpose

I start this letter by offering my apologies to the younger generation on behalf of my (the boomer) generation for not adequately teaching you the nuances of civics.

The filibuster exists for a reason. It insures that measures enacted enjoy broad support and won’t be repealed when the opposition becomes the majority. Majorities simply fade given election cycles. Imagine a Senate without the filibuster. In power, the Republicans could defund Planned Parenthood. They could make crossing state lines to obtain an abortion a felony. They could make concealed carry permits valid nationwide, just like drivers licenses. They could defund public radio and television, and countless other liberal “sacred cows,” just like that. Of course, when the Democrats got back in, they would restore all of those and more.

It is these kind of wild swings of policy that the filibuster is intended to prevent, as it requires a super majority on controversial issues. Part of the amazing success of the American experiment depends on the predictability of policy. When that predictability comes into doubt, so will the prosperity that is predicated upon it.

I suggest to those that “have faith the filibuster will be gotten rid of as soon as possible” to reconsider. Never wish for anything, as you just might get it.

— Matthew Alig, Terre Haute

Give Trump the vaccine credit

Shirley Thomas’s letter of June 7, for the first time ever, made me chuckle all the way through it. 

I am not even going to address the merits of her letter, though that could make a good response. Does she not recognize the irony that the very man she has heaped irrational, hate-filled posts on for at least four years and is still doing, is responsible for the development of the very vaccines which she is promoting so strongly? 

She indicates she thinks they may have saved her life, her husband’s life and won’t even associate with anyone who hasn’t taken one of the vaccines. Does she not realize that all the medical, scientific and media experts poo-pooed the suggestion when President Trump said he would get a vaccine in less than a year and did, not one but two and a third close behind. If not for President Trump we would still be 3-4 years away from a vaccine and untold hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of people would be doomed to death worldwide? 

Now, President Trump is not a scientist, a chemist nor a doctor, but he is an expert expediter, one who gets things done. This vaccine thing was not a fluke.

Read about the amazing things Donald Trump did in the New York Post article of Feb. 7, 2016, titled, “How Donald Trump Helped Save New York City”. This is available on the Internet.

— Walt Conner, Robinson, Ill.

Double standard

You mean to tell me that the Democrats have never used the filibuster to block legislation they deemed undesirable?

Really? Give me a break.

Oh, I keep forgetting about the double standard in Washington. Silly me.

— Mark Burns, Terre Haute

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