Treat migrants with dignity

I read with complete astonishment a letter in the Tribune-Star last Tuesday. I hadn’t realized until this letter was published just how much of Trump’s message has seeped into the consciousness of our moral ideals and how misguided people are swallowing the crap that immigrants are here to take over our country and are stealing benefits and costing us hard paid tax dollars. I have never in my life been ashamed of our country until I read that letter.

First and foremost is the benefits given to immigrants are limited. They are not buying two grocery carts full and driving new SUV vehicles on your tax dollars. Did it ever cross the writer’s mind that these immigrants are working jobs that are low-paying and that they might be working night and day just to get by? Thanks to Trump and his blinded followers, immigrants have become the target of mass hatred and blamed for every shortcoming in our lives.

It may be OK with the letter writer to keep babies in dog cages and deny them food, water, medical care and basic needs but it isn’t what our country has stood as an example of for many years. These people fleeing death, poverty, and starvation have walked thousands of miles to our southern border asking for refugee status. They are not here to take your job, rob you, steal your benefits and drive new SUVs. They are here to find a better life for their children and themselves. I would bet it hasn’t been so many generations ago that the letter writer’s family immigrated from Europe for the very same reasons as those people seeking admittance at our southern border.

Saying that Trump should round them all up and send them back to their home country is the height of stupidity. Most of these people are holding down jobs, paying taxes, contributing to the lifeblood of our country. Trump has tarnished the image of our democracy for many generations to come. He has made racism and hatred of anyone who isn’t white a national trade mark. 

As for giving the Democrats two weeks to come up with a plan is again the height of stupidity, but then Trump hasn’t been known for his intelligence. This immigration problem has been with us for many years and will not be solved overnight. Trump is playing to his base for the coming election and unfortunately, the base is believing every lie he spins. A fake President who has made over 10,000 lies or falsehoods shouldn’t be taken seriously. What has happened to the shining light on the hill (our country) representing a better life through freedom and hard work? We have forever tarnished our ideals with the racism being promoted by trump and his followers.

I don’t know when a letter to the editor has disgusted me so much. Apparently the letter writer has no basic compassion for our fellow human beings and their need to find a better way of life. The Statue of Liberty must be weeping as she sees the internment camps now being run by private companies at our southern border (talk about stealing your tax dollars). What has happened to her promise to those seeking freedom? 

Having babies die in our custody isn’t what I believe in. I don’t have any sound answers to the immigration problems but treating an immigrant/refugee with dignity and respect would be a starting place. Telling a child to drink from a toilet if they are thirsty is beyond dehumanizing. It is a national disgrace. Shame on all of us.

— Shirley A. Thomas, Brazil

Smooth sailing on Poplar Street

My car and I extend our kudos to all involved with the project of widening and resurfacing the section of Poplar Street from 25th Street eastward.

Every time I steer my car onto this section of Poplar, it hums with joy.

Thanks to the planners and to the pavers for a job well done.

— Susan Pfleging, Terre Haute


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