Remembering Christ’s words

To our fellow Christians, especially our evangelical and fundamentalist brethren:

Please stop with the persecution complex. You are not being persecuted by any stretch of the imagination. According to statistics, more than 80 percent of this country professes to be Christian.

If you refuse to make a wedding cake for two men, you might be sued — not flogged.

If you refuse to provide flowers for two women, you might be lambasted on Facebook — not boiled in oil.

If you refuse to fulfill prescriptions for legitimate medications, you might be fired — not imprisoned.

If you are asked to refrain from using a specifically Christian prayer at a public event, you might be shunned by the community — not beheaded or crucified.

No one is coming for your Bibles — unlike in the early centuries in the Roman Empire.

Persecution is being afraid to go to your place of worship for fear of being shot or bombed.

Persecution is not being able to share your faith without you and your family being imprisoned for insulting the great leader.

Persecution is being beaten, spit on, and even arrested for holding the hand of the person you love in public.

Where is your outrage when people are arrested and put on trial for merely providing food, water and shelter to those in need — have you not read Matthew 25?

Where is your outrage when children are detained without access to the basic necessities of life — or have you forgotten Jesus’ admonition to “suffer not the little children”?

Where is your outrage when ancient Christian communities, such as the one in Damascus, where Saul was heading before his conversion, are destroyed in wars and rebellions our government has been directly involved in and supported?

Let us remember that Christ has commanded us to love one another, without bias, without hate, without pretense, and to live our lives accordingly.

— Christopher Gadberry, Sullivan

A high-minded motto for Illinois

Recently, the governor of Illinois signed legislation legalizing the recreational use of pot.

I have heard that the legislature is considering massive tax hikes to repair the state’s hemorrhaging budget.

Soon, they will have to change the state’s motto from “Land of Lincoln” to “Stoned to the Bone, Taxed to the Max”.

— Mark Burns, Terre Haute


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