President, base creating wounds

The Readers’ Forum in Friday’s Tribune-Star is an outstanding demonstration of the “divide” in America that continues to expand and shows no signs of abating while #45 remains in office. 

The Forum consisted of two letters from readers, one titled “More abuse from Trump’s world” (Letter A) and the other titled “Lying AOC is at it again” (Letter B). Both letters were submitted by frequent contributors to the Forum and I would imagine that both of the submitters probably have their own following.

To the writer of Letter A, I am happy to discover that I’m not alone in my disdain for syndicated columnist Byron York. Your letter also indicates you did your research before writing and I would agree that the abuse doled out by this president and his base has created a huge wound that will require many years from which to recover.

To the writer of Letter B, it’s obvious from your opening sentence that you are probably a die-hard Disciple of Trump. You question the credibility of AOC (U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-New York) but offer no evidence to sustain that or your rambling distortion of what’s happening at our southern border. For the record, AOC graduated cum laude from Boston University in 2011. She won the Democratic Primary receiving 57% of the vote, and won the general election receiving 78% of the vote. Obviously the voters of her district had no question about her credibility, and her victory in the election does qualify her to occupy the congressional seat in the district in which she serves.

For the record, I would observe that the CBP (Customs and Border Patrol) has internal disciplinary issues that have been made public in regard to the less-than-humane treatment being given to the migrants and their children. And also for the record, AOC is not the only congressional representative who has gone on record decrying the inhumane treatment given to the detainees seeking asylum. And it might interest you to know that some of those representatives are members of the Republican Party. So the observation made about the CBP rebutting her “pernicious” statements has very little merit.

The “divide” exists and will continue to expand if we continue to allow the abuse and vindictiveness of the current administration to prevail. If the trend continues, what was once considered “the Land of Opportunity” will have become a “purgatory” from which there is no escape.

— John D. Moore, Clinton

High-level service

I highly recommend Salmon’s Tree Service. Jared was thorough with his estimate and his work ethic. They came to the house and cut several trees and took it all away.

Salmon’s Tree Service is a tree level above.

— Suzi Unger, Terre Haute


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