Goodwin the best choice for mayor

Last November, the city’s engineering department discovered the Sanitary District Board budget was missing the capital outlays section. On July 17, the Tribune-Star reported City Controller Leslie Ellis dismissing mayoral candidate Pat Goodwin’s concern that this error, still uncorrected, had resulted in illegal expenditures. Her office has been too busy with “other things” and catching up on monthly reports.

Ellis calls this a “bookkeeping correction.” She made the same error “on very many line items.” The Sanitary District omission alone was over half-a-million dollars. The Bennett administration claims city finances have improved. Is this supposed fiscal progress based on incomplete budgets?

Financial mismanagement and a lack of transparency are ongoing problems that Goodwin plans to address. Anyone who pays a sewage bill should be interested in the accuracy of the Sanitary District budget, especially since our sewage rates have increased more than 60% since 2013.

Pat Goodwin is paying attention and asking the right questions. The Bennett administration is making excuses and giving evasive answers.

Goodwin is running as an independent. He will appoint a controller who does the job correctly and efficiently. Karrum Nasser, the Democratic candidate, serves on the City Council and approved the budgets with no line items for capital outlays. Budget oversight is his job, so he should look at every detail.

It all adds up to Goodwin being the best choice for mayor.

— Jeffrey Marks, Terre Haute

Opponents should be held responsible

I am so tired of hearing about the jail. When you hear how good the jail in Michigan is working, know that this jail is six to nine months from being done. Nobody can say if this jail will work or not .

The city’s job is to OK land use or not. If they want to build their own jail, go for it. What the county should do is go to the judge and show the judge the people that are blocking the jail and get their names added to the lawsuit. Let them put some money in the game, because right now it costs them nothing to delay building the jail, but it’s costing the taxpayers. 

Or we could just tear down the courthouse and build the jail there. 

As far as the jail goes I hope if this ground is turned down, the commissioners find a place so far out in the county that the city has to pack a lunch to get there.

— Tim Certain, Terre Haute

Beautiful sight at flower garden

Flowers and more flowers. If you are a flower lover or not just take a trip to Seventh and National Avenue in West Terre Haute. 

Rocky’s Florist has the most beautiful flower garden. All kinds of flowers. It has been blooming for a couple months, but is in full color now. 

Just take a look before it is gone. Drive by or park in their lot and view up close and admire all the flowers. Lots of work, but well worth the effort. I think you will agree.

— William Fields, West Terre Haute


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