Praying for end to death penalty

Last week, just as I was putting supper on the table, I was treated to a newscast about the latest inmate who was put to death by what amounts to a legalized murder. The sins of the inmate were listed and all the terrible things he had done in order to be sentenced to death. This listing was done to show how much this inmate deserved to die by legalized murder.

I can remain silent no longer. What we are doing in a civilized society is committing the same crime as the inmate who is being put to death through legalized murder. I do not want the government committing a legal form of murder in my name. Why, after years of not inflicting this revenge, does the Department of Justice now begin to institute this punishment again. The old argument of saying the death penalty reduces or causes those who are about to commit murder to think about what it will cost them, doesn’t hold water. 

I suspect this is another attempt by Trump to fire up his base by saying he is the law-and-order President. I also suspect that he enjoys inflicting this ultimate revenge simply because he has the power to do so. He is a sick individual who thinks nothing of the pain he causes simply because he enjoys the power that enables him as President.

As a society, when we inflict legalized murder on an individual, we die a little bit with each act. Are we nothing but a society of revenge-seeking, blood-thirsty uncivilized beings? Does the death penalty actually make our society safer or more civilized? What does this act say about our own souls? I oppose the death penalty with every breath I take. I don’t appreciate the local news channels glorifying this horrible act. My letter will not change those who think the death penalty is just punishment but perhaps, just for a minute, those reading this statement, will consider their own morality.

Next month we will be treated to another spectacle when another sentence of death will be imposed by a government that thinks legalized murder makes this a better society. I don’t pray often but I will pray that in the future the death penalty will be abolished for the betterment of our society.

— Shirley A. Thomas, Brazil

Rent, evictions will become big issues

We need to talk about rent. States and cities have implemented eviction moratoriums. Some have banned late fees or allowed renters to use their security deposits as rent. These are good, important steps, but it is not enough.

There is a call to cancel rent. This sounds great. Renters won’t have to pay, but then landlords would have problems. The solution proposed is to cancel mortgages, and property taxes. In theory, this is great, but it has to be a federal solution. The loss of property tax could very well be debilitating to governments. They are already short on cash. They would cut education, health, fire and road spending This would end up hurting the renters who were supposedly being helped. The federal government could fix this problem because they are basically being paid to borrow money. So far they haven’t, and the senate is dragging its feet over a bill that would do that.

What should we do? Don’t focus on mayors and governors. Whatever they do with rent, it is going to end badly for renters. People with money need to donate to charities dedicated to rent assistance or if you know someone who might be struggling to pay rent, or the bills, pay for them. It seems small, but it could make a major difference for people.

— Karoline Fairbanks, Terre Haute


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