Great experience at Union Hospital

With all the bad in the world right now I want to say something good about this town. 

I recently had a knee replacement surgery at Union Hospital and it was a great experience. Dr. Stephen Fern did my surgery and I can’t say enough good about him. He is a brilliant young man who always listened to me and was kind and competent. 

The day I arrived at the hospital everyone from the front desk to the surgery room was very nice and made sure I felt like I was in good hands. From the nurses to the people in the surgery room, everyone was so nice but yet so professional. 

When I awoke I had excellent care overnight and until I was discharged. I was completely at ease with everything. Dr. Fern came in before and after surgery and explained everything to my husband and me. Never in a hurry. My two followup appointments have been the same way. 

My physical therapy has been right there at the Bone and Joint Center. Anish Paulous is an excellent therapist. He is another brilliant young man who knows exactly what he’s doing. He watched my every move to make sure I did each exercise exactly right. He’s kind and patient and makes you feel secure and at ease. All of the physical therapy assistants under him are great too! I’ve had a wonderful experience there and have healed wonderfully. 

I am much stronger than I’ve been in a long time. They all made my journey a pleasant experience, and I owe it all to these beautiful people right here in Terre Haute in Union Hospital and Dr. Fern’s office. It’s a great place. 

I want to say thank you to all of them. Everyone from the receptionists, the people taking temps at the door and the people in X-ray and the MRI center too were great. Be proud of who you are.

— Susan Hale, West Terre Haute

Trump is the deranged one

Your political cartoon on July 25 regarding “Trump Derangement Syndrome” by Gary Varvel is misleading, trying to imply something like “Beatlemania” from the ‘60s. 

The actual condition should be called: “Trump’s Deranged Self-Delusion.”

Trump is the deranged one, with his lies, conspiracy theories and twisting all circumstances to his self-aggrandizement. He is trying to deflect legitimate criticism of his administration, by calling it some kind of syndrome. Talk about twisting reality.

Your printing this cartoon gives legitimacy to Trump’s stinking mess of a presidency and casts doubts on any legitimate concerns about him. Shame on you. This would be like the cigarette industry starting a campaign called: “Cigarette Syndrome Conspiracy”  (CSC) to cast confusion on legitimate concerns about the dangers of smoking. This is total obfuscation.

— Bill Cain, Terre Haute


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