Great support for annual FB game

On behalf of the Wabash Valley Football Coaches Association, all the players, families and fans associated with the game we want to extend a huge thank you for helping make the recent game possible. 

This was our 16th annual game and was represented by athletes from 34 area high schools. With all the issues associated with the COVID-19 pandemic we were able to work with the Vigo County Health Department, Dr. Brucken, and the Union Hospital Health Group trainers to provide as safe as possible an environment to play the game for the players, coaches and fans. 

We limited the crowd this year and asked everyone to practice social distancing and wear masks along with taking temperatures daily of the players and all the fans game night. It was a great night to celebrate these young men’s outstanding high school careers.

None of this would be possible, however, if it weren’t for the tremendous community support we get. First to First Financial Bank and the Terre Haute Convention and Visitors Bureau, our corporate sponsors, who not only have been our corporate sponsors each year, but also provide valuable resources in helping us promote and develop the game; to Pacesetter Sports who has been a partner since the game’s inception and for your ongoing support and dedication to the game; to the Union Center for Sports Medicine who donate the services of trainers and doctors throughout the week and at the game; to all the local media outlets throughout the Valley for all the help in promoting and covering the game.

A special thanks this year goes to the Terre Haute Boys and Girls Club. Trent Miles and the staff at the Club all worked diligently to make sure the game was played at a great facility.

It is extremely gratifying to see so many diverse organizations get together behind a single event. I am sure we have left someone out that truly deserves our thanks and if we have, we apologize. We promise to continue to work hard to make sure we reward next year’s seniors with a great game and experience. If there is anyone who would like to help or inquire with what they could do, please feel free to contact us.

Next year will mark the 17th anniversary of this event. Mark your calendars now for June 26.

On behalf of the WVFCA we want to extend a huge thanks to all these organizations that helped and to countless other who have so generously donated their time and talents. We look forward to next year’s game.

— Tom Jones, All-star game director

— Greg Barrett, president, WVFCA

Letter contained errors, omissions

This is in reference to a letter from Claire Craigmyle, “Current sex ed is ineffective, harmful”, in the Tribune-Star Reders’ Forum:

Ms. Craigmyle’s letter offers many errors and omissions of facts that she unwittingly neglects to mention in her diatribe. 

Correction 1, on “medical accuracy” CPR had four licensed medical practitioners address the 100% accuracy of the CPR program. Next on the same issue, numerous Vigo teachers presented their professional opinions that the CPR program was “age appropriate” and very “professionally” presented to the students. 

Secondly, CPR/CPC presented over 5,000 surveys from the students who attended the CPR program with an overwhelming majority of these surveys praising the CPR course content. Therefore, the statement of “ineffectiveness” is totally unfounded since along with these surveys from “real” students, the statistical data of the reduction of teen pregnancies, which was also presented to the VCSB, report nearly a 60% drop in Indiana. So much for ineffectiveness claims. 

Finally, the frivolous argument that the CPR program is “not” inclusive is a red herring. The presentation is gender neutral, meaning the objective is to stress “abstinence” from pre-marital sex, not what your sexual preferences are or should be. 

Therefore, I think Ms. Craigmyle appears to be carrying forward a CSE/Planned Parenthood narrative that has been already debunked.

— Dominick P. DaCosta, Terre Haute 

Masking is about health, not politics

I don’t know if you still have a small section about opinions, yet I want to say something that may be OK to say to everyone.

Was there a big outcry like this when it became “No shirt, No shoes, No service”? Wearing a mask when you can’t socially distance is not about politics or freedom of speech or our rights. It’s about health and protecting each other from a virus.

— Shannon Aballi, Terre Haute


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