Wrapped in the rhetoric of ‘right’

Gee, by observing a premise that was first brought to my attention by the late columnist and humanitarian Mike Royko, I seemed to have opened up a dialog with two other frequent letter writers, Mr. Conner and Ms. Henneman.

Ms. Henneman, I understand your confusion. It tells me that despite your ideas as to what a liberal Democrat is and does, you have succumbed to the rhetoric of media mogul Rupert Murdoch. Look him up. See what he is, what he does and what he owns. He is, I understand, close to 90. Wealthy immigrants to America like him are looking to destroy America with lies they’re calling “Fox News.” Surely you remember what happens when the Fox is left in charge of the henhouse. Before Trump tried to close the border, the only acceptable reason to immigrate to America was for political asylum. But that was a Barack Obama rule.

Mr. Conner, I am happy that I have your attention. I have spoken to a retired educator who knows you. He told me of your philosophies. I’ve done a lot of things as you can imagine. I’m a radiologic technologist, I’ve worked in both local hospitals. I was a brakeman/conductor for Penn Central/Conrail, I have degrees in physics, mathematics, computer science and education. I’ve taught in public and private schools and I was a college professor for 13 years. Now, I’m retired. My wife and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary in June.

Mr. Conner, whenever somebody talks about fishing, I think of the duet by Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong called “Gone Fishing.” Do you recall it? Probably not. I’ve also installed antenna towers. I had a 64-foot tower of my own I used to climb for fun when I was younger. Someone once asked me if I was afraid of falling from it. I said, “... no, you have to let go first.”

I am sorry that neither of you feel that you got the point of my letter, but maybe you really did. You see, your letters to me went straight to the point. You both were open, pleasant and somewhat cordial. Thank you. My best regards and best wishes for you both.

— John Garner, Terre Haute

What do you want for a shot?

I hear they’re giving away million-dollar prizes and college gifts, along with a COVID shot for a beer. That’s a lot of moolah. So are they giving out a lot of shots to account for the giveaway? Probably not, but it makes people look good and get to pat themselves on the back.

I guess people are proud of the shot for a beer. You have to wait 15 minutes to see if you have a reaction to the shot and you’re going to give a beer away. Wow.

So a shot and a beer while you wait, then you drive home.

So my thinking is, get a shot and get a shot glass of whiskey.

Sounds more realistic and you could say it rhymes. A shot for a shot. Maybe it would be better to give a cookie and milk.

— Edward Willis, Terre Haute

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