More hounding of the President

I guess letter writer Bill Cain thinks General Suleimani was going to stand out there in a vulnerable place until Mr. Cain and his ilk decided it was an appropriate time to take him out, if they ever did. 

There has never been and never will be a time when the above haters have not and will not be hounding President Trump and Mr. Cain would make the same filthy statement. I expect Mr. Cain also thinks it was President Trump’s fault the 176 people died in the shooting down of the Ukrainian airplane. Typical President Trump hater. 

President Trump continues doing his day-to-day duties and having great success despite the despicable Democrat impeachment farce.

— Walt Conner, Robinson, Ill.

Be cautious when joining military

I am writing to ask young men and women to not join the military.

This current president alone provoked the Iran crisis we were in last week by taking the U.S. out of the Iran deal.

Don’t be tempted to take the bait to join.

Be aware that recruiters are trained in salesmanship and often omit facts that might make a difference with your decision.

You may think you will have an easy way of paying for college. But the current GI bill is very different from the benefits your grandfather got. There are more hoops to go through, and caveats in the fine print and before you can apply you will have to make monthly payments. Most vets never get this benefit.

The military is not a training place for civilian law enforcement. In local police work, the public is not your enemy and military tactics and attitudes it has fostered are not appropriate for domestic police work.

Before you enlist I would suggest that you take a look at a website called Courage to Resist. It has accurate information about what you are signing up for. It has resources written by vets.

Other resources are Beyond War, Veterans for Peace and the AFSC.

The best place to get legal advice is Center for Constitutional Rights. They help soldiers who want Conscientious Objector status.

— Cathy McGuire, Terre Haute

Age of innocence?

Let’s see.

You are old enough to come home in a flag draped casket at age 18, but you can’t light up or soak up a cold one?

— Mark Burns, Terre Haute


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