Students need more info, not less

As to the article about the sex-education classes in VCSC:

Look at Colorado’s program if you want students to have complete education. It works ... and also has decreased abortions in that state by 42%.

The relationship part is fine, but it isn’t complete, as some students are not getting guided in that direction at home and outside of school. CPR for a couple hours in class is not going to undo years of conditioning to have sex outside the class in a dysfunctional society.

To not give the students a complete set of tools is to cheat them, give them fewer choices in the future, and will likely cause unplanned pregnancies and abortions.

Being pro-choice with these kids now in educating them about all the choices will end up being pro-life as well.

If we do this properly it will be both pro-choice and pro-life, and we can cut out the politician, as he is the only one who benefits from the division.

— Jennifer Moore, Terre Haute

Y pool still adds to quality of life

Congratulations and thank yous are due the YMCA, the City of Terre Haute and the hard-working members of Why Make Waves led by Brenda Williams.

The pool is open again, and maybe it is an appropriate time to see its part in local history. It dates back to 1905 when the Terre Haute YWCA opened its new three-story building at 121 N. 7th Street. And yes, it included the only indoor swimming pool in the city at that time. Then as public parking lots near the building closed in the 1970s, there was only one alternative — a fund drive for a new YWCA building by Fairbanks Park. It was dedicated in 1976, but unfortunately, not enough money was raised to include a swimming pool.

After activities had outgrown the building by the 1980s, two community surveys indicated a swimming pool was the most needed for our community. However, a Chicago firm conducting a feasibility study reported “no local women’s organization could raise more than $1 million for such a project.” Yet the YWCA volunteers raised $1.9 million and the current expanded building with a swimming pool and full-sized gym opened debt-free in August 1990. Water instruction, therapy and recreation were back.

I personally want to thank again those volunteers of 35 years ago, led by Kathy Hux Perry, and to thank now all those individuals who made the reopening possible. It was a good investment in 1905 and it still contributes to our community’s quality of life.

— Dorothy W. Jerse, Terre Haute

Tactics, strategy of assassination

The tactical “victory” of assassinating General Suleimani availith naught while the blood for oil strategy of Republicans and Democrats is fatally bought.

Don’t buy it! God consciousness defies it! Down the dark future as unseemly disputes grow faint then cease; we’ll hear the bell toll and once more the voice of Christ say, “Peace”.

— Thomas G. Morgan, Montezuma


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