Sen. Braun, please represent all of us

This is an open letter to Sen. Mike Braun: 

During last weekend’s television interview, you suggested that you would vote to acquit the President based on the beliefs of your constituents. As two of those constituents, we expect you to adhere to the oath you swore, not only concerning this impeachment process but also the oath you have made to uphold the Constitution. 

We expect you to demand all evidence. Listen to the testimony offered with an open mind, calling for additional evidence as it becomes available. We expect you to do your duty to our nation. Placing the interests of the people over the interests of your party. 

Unfortunately, your comments on television suggest that, like the majority leader, you have no intention to apply any standard of impartial jurisprudence to the matter concerning the actions of this president. Unlike members of the House of Representatives, senators are elected to be more focused on the overall good of the country. In other words, be less partisan. That is why you were given a six-year term. 

I heard one of the lawyers say as part of his defense presentation that the British dropped impeachment from their form of government because it doesn’t work. He must have missed part of the constitutional classes in his law school. The British monarchy system of government was the reason impeachment was made a part of our form of government. 

Our forefathers foresaw someone in our future trying to govern on his own without the advice and consent of the other branches of government. What they didn’t see was the blind partisanship that would overtake our great country. Like most countries, our biggest enemy can come from within.

— Ron and Chris Gadberry


Our president

fulfills promises

I don’t usually respond to the political nonsense I read, but the letter from Ron Hastings of Clinton hit a nerve.

For once we have a president who actually does what he promised, and all people can do is bash him. The mid-eastern countries only understand force, and our president was right to take their leader out. It should have been done a long time ago.

We should be more concerned about what is happening inside our own country, with the unhinged hatred against our president, and the radical political correctness that infringes on our freedom and compromises our national security.

If our country goes down, it will be from the inside.

Why in the world would you vote Muslims to Congress, and allow them to take the oath of office on the Koran, instead of the Holy Bible? Our Constitution was written by men of God.

Our country was founded on biblical principals, which does make our president a Christian, for standing up for what is right. No one can live up to the Ten Commandments, that is why God gave us a Savior. It is not right to kill unborn babies, or for men to marry men, or women to marry women. God destroyed cities for that, but with the left, anything goes. If it feels good, do it, forget God.

People tend to forget history and Bible teachings, and it will return to destroy us.

So, Mr. Hastings, I voted for Donald Trump the first time, and will again, and I feel sorry for you and others who are blinded by what is really going on.

— Remola Miller, Terre Haute

Parking lot would actually be better

Regarding the 7th and Wabash parking situation: This brings to mind that old song: “Take paradise, and put up a parking lot.” 

Except, I wouldn’t exactly call the current situation paradise. I think accommodating a new convention center with affordable parking would make it more of a paradise. If you look at the hodge-podge of downtown buildings in the current arrangement, I don’t think the removal of the school corporation building is going to hurt anything. It would just “clean it up.”

— Bill Cain, Terre Haute


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