Impeachment consequences

The impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate is over now. President Donald Trump’s Republican Party has found him not guilty of abusing his powers of office or obstructing Congress.

Let’s give the devil his due. Dishonesty and cheating are the best policies and lying does pay, as in enabling a natural-born liar to become an American president. Lying more pays even more dividends, like getting the man out of the just consequences of his underhanded behavior. Lying louder and ever louder makes his lies sound more like the truth. Repeating the lies straight-faced and all day long with a big, innocent smile adds to the power of a lie. Shouting lies from a bully pulpit gives the lies yet more credibility. 

When people dare to point out that a presidential lie is a lie or an extreme distortion of truth, then it is clever self-defense to call such critics traitors and liars themselves because this accusation helps make a liar sound sincere and an unjust victim of his enemies. A superstar liar, as in a really, really great liar, knows best how to blast the people who caught him in his lies: “What they say is all a hoax, folks! … It’s fake news! Believe me, I am the truth and the new light of America.”

Cheating and lying got Donald Trump elected president. Parents and schools might start taking notice of how lying has made him so successful. Parents and teachers impressed by the example of Donald now have the opportunity to point out to their kids that if people really want to get ahead in life, they need to learn at an early age in life how to lie more effectively. 

Truly ambitious parents might consider not punishing their children when they catch them lying and instead say, “Good job, you are on your way to becoming president of the United States.” Taking notice of Trump’s behavior and how it has benefited him all the way to the White House, schools might start offering classes in such subjects as “Lying Your Way to Success in Life.” Instead of having an Honor Roll or a National Honor Society, schools hoping to encourage success among their students can institute official recognition befitting this period in American history: “The Whopper of the Week Award.”

Dictionary publishers should also take note of the success Donald Trump has enjoyed as a liar. America needs a new word for his brave new world of MAGA: A “lie” and especially a bald-faced lie is a “Donaldism,” or whatever a person says that might enable him or her to get ahead in life and someday become president of the United States of America.

— Steve Kash, Terre Haute 

Pressure is on corrupt Democrats

If we let them, the Democrat liberals will destroy our nation with open borders, Social Security for illegals, free education, health care and debt forgiveness that will cost us dearly through gross tax and regulatory increases, and elimination of law and order. It’s happening in Democrat cities now.

Their history proves this.

They must destroy Trump or the investigations into Democrat corruption will continue.

Obama, Biden, Clinton, Pelosi, they are all as corrupt as they can possibly be.

That is the beauty of a President being elected who really has no political standing or blind loyalty to power, and is working for America and not a particular party.

— Jeffrey Aitken, Terre Haute


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