Focus needed on causes of poverty

I was dismayed in your coverage of poverty in the recent “Breaking the Vicious Cycles” special report. Nowhere in the report did the author discuss the systemic causes of poverty. Other than mentioning the “working poor,” the article alluded to a deficit of character (those who don’t see the value in work or education) among parents living in poverty. “The Souls of Poor Folk: Auditing America 50 Years after the Poor People’s Campaign Challenged Racism, Poverty, War Economy/Militarism and our National Morality” ( found that 140 million people in the U.S. are poor or low income.

That many people are not just lazy or don’t value work.

I wonder how much of the neglect is due to parents who work multiple low-wage jobs and still are at risk of not being able to afford their housing, water, food and other necessary items? How many parents have fallen into the broken criminal justice system: Remaining in jail, because they’re unable to make a bail payment and losing their job because they’re “no shows”? How many of these parents are counted in the 428,100 Hoosiers statewide without medical insurance and are burdened with medical bills?

We need to stop looking at poverty in a granular way, and rather look at it in systemic way. I would urge all persons who are truly interested in ending poverty to study the above audit, as well as the Poor People’s Moral Budget (, which was presented in a hearing before the U.S. House Budget Committee on June 19.

— LaVonne Dodson, Centerpoint

Country better under Trump

Clay Wilkinson, your letter is so full of %$#@^ it is hard to answer. I and most other Trump supporters that I know are not cultists. Your comments for the most are asinine. If you don’t know the meaning of the word, buy a dictionary and look it up.

Yes, I do not agree with his use of Twitter and Facebook. I do agree with his basic ideas. The country is getting much better after Obama’s mistakes and stupidity have been eliminated. I do agree that a President should unify the country (the way Obama tore the country apart?). You might also learn the meaning of legal immigrants as compared to illegal. That might help you in the future.

I expect an answer about the cultist remark. Have a nice day, Clay

— Joe DeLorme, Clay City


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