Clean up Chicago before complaining

It is a rare occasion that I find something in your editorial space humorous but the guest editorial in Saturday’s Aug. 10 edition made me laugh. 

You would think there is nothing funny about nutcases shooting up a Walmart in El Paso and a tavern in Dayton. You would be correct. The humor is in a publication such as the Chicago Sun-Times would pontificate on murder and mayhem in other parts of the country when there have been at least 296 homicides in Chicago as reported by — wait for it — the Chicago Sun-Times. As a matter of fact there were almost as many people killed in that fine city over the weekend as were killed in the other mass shootings we are discussing. Maybe it is that the editorial staff of the Sun-Times are unhappy that the killers used an “AK-47” type rifle in their murderous rampage and the killers in Chicago had to settle for hand held semi-automatics to inflict their death and destruction. 

I would point out that the comment the editorial writer made regarding the Dayton shooter would not have been able to kill anyone if he had to rely on his 19-round capacity hand gun is complete BS.

As the writer of the editorial stated the “900 plus words into an editorial about 29 people who died …” would be much better offered to have these folks clean up their own back yard before telling others how to clean theirs.

My thoughts and prayers are offered to all the dead and injured in a three cities.

— Raymond E. Broshar, Terre Haute

Goodwin presents strong candidacy

I have been following with interest Pat Goodwin’s campaign for mayor of Terre Haute. I want to take this opportunity to offer my wholehearted endorsement.

Although no longer a resident of the city of Terre Haute, I have deep roots there, having served as commissioner of streets, in two management positions with the state, in the city engineers office, and as chief transportation planner for the Terre Haute MPO. That said, I feel I am well-qualified to speak to to the qualifications of mayoral candidate Pat Goodwin. 

I have known Pat for many years, both on a personal and professional level. Over the years I have had the pleasure of working with him on various transportation-related projects. I can say without reservation that Pat is an extremely honest, professional and forthright individual. Pat exhibits the drive, integrity, bipartisanship and dedication that sets a wonderful example for anyone considering a public-service career.

The planning, funding and building of public infrastructure projects can be quite complex, lengthy and challenging, and requires a person at the helm that has the skill, knowledge and flexibility to work across a wide spectrum of elected officials, engineering professionals, contractors, and all the various other parties at the table. Pat Goodwin has these abilities; furthermore, he has the ability to successfully lead those engaged in this work. 

For those who understand that first-class infrastructure is a keystone for a healthy and prosperous community, I submit to you that Pat Goodwin is the best candidate for mayor of the city of Terre Haute. Pat’s ongoing series of presentations to the community on various topics is emblematic of the type of thorough research, inclusiveness and transparency one can expect from a Goodwin administration. He will apply this approach not just to infrastructure, but to all aspects of municipal governance. Crucially, you can be sure that the smoke-and-mirrors approach to the city’s financial health will be a thing of the past. Should the city experience financial stress, it will not be concealed; rather it will be dealt with in an open and bipartisan manner.

As the election approaches, attacks on Pat Goodwin may increase. I urge the citizens of Terre Haute to ignore them and to take a bold step for your future — vote true independent candidate Pat Goodwin for mayor.

— Timothy L. Patrick, Rosedale

The Russians and the Republicans

I have some short answers for the letter writers from the July 31 edition.

Clark Cowden ... it goes back a little further than 1829. Most Republicans contend that the Federalist Papers define our Constitution. Even though many of the 85 letters of the Federalist Papers describe the U.S. government of the day as “The Confederacy.”

Ron Gadberry, the Republicans don’t want to fix anything. They just want to complain and start trouble, like some of the Russians did during our 2016 elections.

Mr. Mark Burns, perhaps since you have it so bad in America and you always complain in your letters maybe you should go back to wherever it is in Europe that your people originated from so you can be happy again.

— John Garner, Terre Haute


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