Limiting options for parents, kids

In recently announcing its new Charter Schools Program rules, the Biden administration will continue to limit important educational options for families who want to decide what public school is best for their children. While school choice advocates are pleased to see some changes made that parents recommended, the final rule remains largely an attempt to federalize charter schools and bog them down in bureaucratic, cumbersome rules designed to restrict growth.

All this will do is prevent more families from exercising their rights at a time when support for traditional public schools is near an historic low. A recent Gallup poll revealed only 28% of Americans say they have a great deal of confidence in public schools, the second lowest on record.

The Biden administration is quick to remind everyone that another pandemic is possible in the future. We must never forget that it was public charter schools that kept teaching during the pandemic. Public charter schools may not be the best option for every child, but they are vital for the more than 3 million students they serve across the country. It’s time to end the war on our charter schools and put children first.

— Letrisha Weber, Board President, National Coalition for Public School Options; Board President, Public School Options Indiana

Cold case should still be active case

On Sept. 18, 1984, my dad Ronnie Gilbert and his friend Gary Landsaw left town for Paris, Ill., and were never seen or heard from again. To this day, there has been no word from either man and no bodies were ever found.

This should be a cold case or missing persons case, but because we had him declared legally dead, that closed the case. Our family has no closure. The Board brothers from Paris were arrested and put on trial for their deaths in 2000 and were acquitted. I would like for this to be brought back to light due to it getting close to the anniversary of their disappearance. I know someone out there knows something.

— Melissa Lydick, West Terre Haute

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