Staying hopeful in troubled times

Dear Citizens of Terre Haute:

We are experiencing a time of uncertainty. A time that encourages us to be apart, and yet still come together. As your Mayor, I continue to be proud of all of the organizations, businesses, educational institutions and government colleagues, who are working to provide important services to all the people of Terre Haute. It is because of those people and all of the essential workers among us that I’m asking you to please stay in unless it’s essential. If you aren’t leaving your home for work, health care, groceries, outdoor activity, or caring for others, please stay home. The more we work together, the faster we’ll be back to a more recognizable routine.

I have spoken with other mayors, state and federal leaders, and continuously talk with our local health care professionals. I plan to do all I can to bring every resource to our community as we navigate these times and prepare for the future.

I know this is a very hard time for businesses. I see the hardships and recognize the concerns. I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but I want to acknowledge that it’s not an easy time, and we will have to do all we can to re-stimulate our community and its economy as soon as possible. We were in a positive position before COVID-19, and I believe we will be in a positive position after. However, it won’t come without hardship. I will work with our state and federal leaders to bring every resource possible to our community and support those organizations working to do the same.

This isn’t easy. I’m concerned about our children, our elderly and those on the front line. I’m concerned about those at home and their new routine and how it is impacting their mental health. I’m mostly concerned about the families that have been, and will be, directly impacted by this virus. I’m acknowledging these concerns in order to be transparent with our current reality, but express the hope I’m experiencing.

Terre Haute has witnessed challenges throughout the years. Although those challenges didn’t match a worldwide pandemic in our lifetime, it is the heart of our community that rises to the top. Today, there is only room for collaboration and care for one another. With that in mind, let’s care by staying home unless it’s essential, and helping those on the front line have the best opportunity to be well.

We’re in this together, Terre Haute. Stay in and be well.

— Duke Bennett, Mayor, City of Terre Haute

A kind gesture

Thank you to the wonderful lady last Thursday at the Kroger Wabash store who helped my Instacart Delivery man complete the transaction. Bless you and the manager. 

I paid your gesture forward with a check in excess to Catholic Charities Food Bank. 

Thank you for your kindness.

— Marcia DeAngelo, Terre Haute


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