I always look forward to the Republican response to my letters. Once again, Tom Egan of Paris, Illinois, didn’t disappoint me. He seems to feel the House Republicans “Default on America Act” is a good place to start negotiation.

Well, this is no time for a “my way or the highway” approach by either party. I mentioned that Indiana would lose $1 billion, in FY2024 that is closer to $1.5 billion. Well, Tom, you might consider moving to Indiana because in that same time period Illinois will lose close to $5 billion in federal aid thanks to the House Republicans “Default on America Act.” You’re always welcome and the Indiana Republicans could use your facts to support their cause.

Maybe it’s time to compare apples to apples. In other words, let’s compare the House Republicans “Default on America Act” to reality.

First, we need to pay our bills now and the current debt level was created mainly by Trump, not Biden. I bet you don’t believe that, so why don’t we look at some real facts. Feel free to verify these figures on your own computer. During the Trump administration, the national debt increased $8.193 billion, nearly $2 billion of that with Trump's billionaire tax cuts in his first two years. Oh, by the way, that tax bill was in two parts. The billionaire tax cut was permanent while the rest of us will face a sunset date in 2025 when Congress will have to make our tax cuts permanent or return to 2017 levels.

In other words, our taxes will increase while the billionaires will continue to enjoy their lower rates. That’s a failure both parties need to accept responsibility for.

I used 413 words in my original story and Tom used 330 to refute it, so it’s time to wind this up. Economists are sending a clear message that not paying our country’s debts for even one day will result in a catastrophe in our future (328 words).

— Ron Gadberry


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