Achtung!! Achtung!! All citizens of Illinois!! Reichsmarschall Adolf Pritzker and his National Socialist Democratic Party has mandated that sales of most semiautomatic weapons are verboten as of today.

These weapons now in the hands of law-abiding citizens will be registered for later confiscation. At this time all law-abiding citizens who own certain magazines that hold more bullets than we decree are criminals and will be treated as such. Future decrees will outlaw all guns of law-abiding citizens. The Reichmarschall will end all crime in his state by disarming all citizens with the exception of criminals who do not have to abide by laws. Law-abiding citizens cannot be trusted with arms.

SiegHeil!! Reichsmarschall Pritzker's ambition to become Der Fuhrer of America and lead his National Socialist Democratic Party and us to utopia! Sieg Heil Reichsmarschall Pritzker!

Gun registration followed by confiscation has been the aim of all tyrants throughout history — Stalin, Mao, Castro, Hitler, Xi Jinping, Maduro of Venezuela, and numerous others. These Tyrants, past and present, have been responsible for hundreds of millions of their citizens deaths. They have murdered, starved and killed their citizens in every way imaginable.

America suffers from gun crime and crime in general in our society from lack of education that is causing a breakdown of society in general. We are becoming a nation that is addicted to drugs, gambling, booze, porn, self adoration and influencers. At some point in time, hopefully, we will start getting better.

— Tom Egan

Paris, Ill

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