The Tribune-Star Editorial Board favors an outsider for the next superintendent of the Vigo County School Corp. Contrary to the board's opinion, Dr. Tom Balitewicz is the only obvious choice to fill the position. Once a teacher, principal, and now a part of the administrative bureaucracy, Balitewicz has paid his dues in working for the school corporation.

He knows the local school system ranging from both a funding and budget process standpoint to issues involving local high schools. He envisions a positive future for the corporation. Ostensibly quite affable, Dr. Balitewicz stresses and prioritizes transparency in his interactions with local constituents. He assists parents with their issues. The man is involved with various community development boards. He's a godsend.

An outsider, who being totally unfamiliar with Vigo County educational, specific school issues, local cultural nuances, politics and traditions, in my opinion, could not even begin to match Balitewciz's academic expertise, knowledge, educational background and experience. Just as salient, consulting firm fees, search committee, interview, and relocation costs associated with a selected outsider other than Balitewicz are an abject waste of time and money. From a common sense standpoint, such costs are utter nonsense in nature when a perfectly qualified individual for the superintendent's position, such as Dr. Balitewicz, is already performing quite efficiently and effectively his duties as interim superintendent.

Notwithstanding what those in the local educational intelligentsia and media might opine as they favor an outsider for the position, it is incumbent upon the Board of Trustee's to promote Dr. Balitewicz to the permanent position of superintendent of the Vigo County School Corp., and do so ASAP.

— Earl Beal

Terre Haute

Editor's Note: The Tribune-Star Editorial Board has voiced no approval or disapproval for any individual candidate to be the next superintendent of Vigo schools.

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