GOP should look at past for direction 

With public impeachment hearings underway, Congressional Republicans should look to their predecessors from the last time a Republican president was impeached.

Rep. M. Caldwell Butler, Republican from Virginia, said, “It is we, not the Democrats, who must demonstrate that we are capable of enforcing the high standards we would set for them.”

Rep. Lawrence Hogan, Republican of Maryland and father of the current governor of Maryland, told his colleagues, “For our system of justice and our system of government to survive, we must pledge our highest allegiance to the strength of the law and not to the common frailties of men.”

They were right. The Republican Party needed to divorce itself from the shame of Nixon and Watergate so it could reinvent itself. In a prediction of our current moment, Connecticut Republican Lowell Weicker said, “If we try to play coy or to be less than extremely forceful in getting the truth out, people are going to impute to us this rather sordid succession of events.” Republicans, take note.

— Stan Twardy, Day Pitney law firm,

headquartered in Hartford, Conn.

Legal advisor to Republicans for the Rule of Law

Local funding not way to go

Question: How are Vigo County Superintendent Rob Haworth and the School Board showing the importance of the total educational and operations of the Vigo County School Corp.?

Answer: They display the importance of education and operations by locking in a guarantee of $7 million dollars per year for 8 years to begin with, from the increase in Vigo County residents property taxes they asked for.

Let’s see, so from Vigo County alone the $7 million dollars the VCSC will receive annually from property tax increase could save the State of Indiana $7 million dollars also annually through educational funding cuts. The $7 million dollars will now be picked up from local revenue.

If this format of local partial funding a school system is duplicated around the state, as will be done in Vigo County, the state could save millions and millions of dollars through educational funding cuts annually.

In the big picture, this partial educational funding action designed by the VCSC could help reduce state funding for education to local counties.

Personally, I don’t think local funding chosen and championed by school superintendent Rob Haworth and the school board for the VCSC is the way to go.

— Charles Bean, Terre Haute

Plutocrats out for themselves

I read with interest the letter from Bart Douglas on Nov. 15 regarding partisan views versus principles. Regarding President Trump, it is obvious that he is not a true Republican but is instead a plutocrat hiding in the Republican Party.

Furthermore, Michael Bloomberg is a multi-billionaire plutocrat like President Trump who hopes to commandeer the Democrat Party to defeat President Trump. It’s all about money, greed selfishness and wealth, not the U.S. Constitution, which is supposed to protect us all regardless of wealth.

Rep. Larry Bucshon also is a politician who represents his own view to abolish the Affordable Care Act and preserve the medical insurance practice of protecting their own and stockholders’ profits first, and profits of the pharmaceutical companies, before paying claims to provide medical care to the insured.

Most politicians in office today in Washington are there only to protect their own financial interests first, and the 1% lifestyle, and to hell with the rest of us. Greed is powering Washington, D.C. It is obvious now and it will not change until the voters change it. Even our religions are on television preaching the lie that God will make only the truly devout rich. Airtime is expensive. So are new private jet planes. We see greed in Indianapolis and in our gerrymandered districts built to protect the rich Republican super majority, and provide nothing but vocational education to the common Hoosiers, thus protecting profits of the non-working wealthy.

Yes, once one understands this, one understands why President Trump gave Syria away to protect his hotel in Istanbul. His impeachment is about cheating to hold on to the office of POTUS to preserve family wealth. Fox News seeks to sell the poor the worldview that if the wealthy stay wealthy, then they will be, too, someday. So, the common Hoosiers vote to elect candidates against their own best interests, preserving the 1% lifestyle and their tax rates which are lower than that of a fast-food employee. 

Like the poor, we are just one paycheck or a severe illness away from financial destitution.

Mr. Douglas’ plea for us to, “keep an open mind” needs to be informed by the fact that true Republicans and Democrats no longer exist, it is now the 1% and the plutocrats against the rest of us. Once you understand this, you understand that Democrat and Republican rank and file folks of average means, especially in Indiana, are fighting in a burning house that cannot stand for much longer. Soon, we will all either die in the fire or be out in the cold while the 1% and plutocrats are safe and warm.

— John Garner

Terre Haute


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