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Writers, keep readers in mind

Since the Terre Haute City Council passed a resolution on climate change back in August, which was encouraged by a group of local youth, I have noticed several local opinion pieces in the Tribune-Star mostly against it.

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Hoosiers deserve fair district maps

As the ranking Democratic member of the House Elections Committee, I’ve had the opportunity to attend five public hearings all around the state to learn more about what Hoosiers care about when it comes to new district maps for the Legislature.

Climate warming not an emergency

A letter by Kevin Christ published in your Aug. 23 edition asserts that climate prediction models, which have been the basis for the Global Warming/Climate Change hysteria, “have been remarkably accurate.”

Best study shows masks effective

Hmmm. The logical contortions of the anti-vaxxer-anti-masker crowd would be worthy of a “little moron” joke if the consequences weren’t so serious, to wit:

More resources to quit smoking

There’s never been a better time to quit smoking. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we saw just how vulnerable our bodies can be, and doesn’t it make sense to do everything we can to prevent diseases from exploiting our weaknesses?