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Trump policies good for country

In my opinion, the country is at a crossroads, where we either become more like the rest of the world, or we remain a country of opportunity for all.

Gross unfairness in death penalty

Kudos to Mary Ann Etling for her fine letter in the Tribune-Star on Monday, Sept. 21, protesting the death penalty. She is a credit to her family, one that has been dedicated to social justice for several generations.

Alternate message for Sen. Young

I just got a newsletter from Sen. Todd Young in which he blames his “colleagues on the left” for the fact that Congress has not passed another coronavirus relief package. He should be more specific.

Speaking out against Trump’s insults to vets

My letter today is written because I no longer can remain silent. Words have consequences. Words, also, can hurt. If I remain silent and do not speak up, I allow bullies to continue to spread their vitriolic slurs against innocent people.

Voter drop boxes not legal in state

In response to Dr. Carly Schmitt’s letter published in the Trib-Star on Sept. 7, she seems to be putting the onus on Vigo County officials to provide drop boxes for voters who wish to use that method to deliver their completed absentee ballots for tabulation in the upcoming election.

The facts about systemic racism

Well, Melody and Jeffrey Aitken, you sure told us, but that is all you did. Claims that there is no systemic racism in America are blatantly dishonest, and that dishonesty is a form of racism.

Times tough, but we’ll see you soon in Terre Haute

The Crossroads of America. Home of the Coca-Cola Bottle. Cross Country Town USA. The traditions that embraced our community before are the building blocks of our foundation today. No doubt, this pandemic has made for challenging times across our great community.

Paranoia gripping frightened nation

It has now been 172 days since we had 15 days to flatten the curve. The state of Indiana has 40-50% of its ICU beds empty and deaths per day are still in single digits in a state with nearly 7 million people.

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