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Overpaid taxes, no one listens

I didn’t bother to appeal the PTABOA board ruling on my 2016 property tax assessment. I simply didn’t feel the assessor or the board understood the problem the citizens of Vigo County face when dealing with the process.

Amazing team at Sugar Grove

Sugar Grove Elementary, in a quiet neighborhood that was once a grove of sugar maple trees, is where a team of dedicated teachers, educational assistants, secretaries, kitchen staff, custodians, other professionals, and many other volunteers worked together to pour into 389 students every day.

Darkness was a major culprit

The tragedy in Rochester is unimaginable — three siblings dead and another seriously injured. These aren’t the only victims — their families, the bus driver and student witnesses, their schoolmates and teachers. The ripple effects touch everyone.

Don’t let vote be suppressed

Locally we recently had the story in the Tribune-Star (Oct. 24, 2018) examining the difficulties and hoops three longtime Vigo County citizens were required to negotiate in order to secure their voter registration status and the right to vote.

Council has done its job on jail tax

First, I’ve never written a letter to the editor and this expresses my personal opinions based on information gleaned from the media, Vigo County Council meetings and knowledge from being directly and indirectly connected with some of the players.

Jail plan is a positive step

This is about building a jail in Vigo County. Federal Judge, Jane Magnus-Stinson, said in her order this week it is a tough spot for our county officials to be in when the State of Indiana ordered counties to hold some inmates convicted of low level felonies in the county jail.

Who are you voting for?

Who are you voting for in this upcoming election?

I’ll tell you who I am voting for. I am not voting for all Democrats. There are good Democrats and bad Democrats. I am not voting for all Republicans. There are good Republicans and bad Republicans. I am voting for the person, not the party.

Strong servant, great character

I have known Chris Gambill and his family for nearly 20 years. His wife, Bionca Gambill, was the 4-H leader for both of my sons for 10 years. I have known their children as they went to the school where I teach.

Thankful for the daily newspaper

In my home each morning I enjoy reading the Tribune-Star. I know it takes a heap of teamwork, sweat and perhaps even tears to provide and deliver the daily printed newspaper — in addition to the online Trib news service.

Gambill has plan to keep youth here

I attended the recent forum for the County Council candidates. One point I heard over and over was the sad fact that most of our young people leave the area after high school. Indiana’s brain drain is not a new problem, but its effects are being felt more and more here in the Valley.

We need more commentary with substance

Recently I had occasion to chat with the publisher of this newspaper regarding my concerns that it has devolved into a Trump-bashing left-wing echo chamber of assorted journalists and letter-writing-kooks — in many cases the distinction blurs — all voicing the same criticism over and over ad nauseam.

Courage meets GOP obstinance

As a Republican member on the Senate Judiciary Committee, the well-named Senator Flake made a decision in that committee to confirm Brett M. Kavanaugh for a lifetime position on the Supreme Court.

A siren call for stewardship

As we move toward elections, it is important that we be mindful that the public servants serving on the Vigo County School Corp. board, County Council and City Council are being elected to serve as stewards of taxpayer money.