Terre Haute North and South compete in the MIC with Ben Davis, Carmel, Center Grove, Lawrence Central, Lawrence North, North Central and Warren Central, all with considerably larger enrollments, deeper and more experienced coaching staffs, organized middle-school football programs and updated facilities.

In addition, neither North or South have had back-to-back winning seasons since the mid to late 1980s. North has had one winning season and South one season winning one-half of their games since entering the MIC. Each school has lost potential football prospects through transfer or nonparticipation. These factors have had a negative effect on student and community support.

West Vigo has not felt the effects, as they have continued to compete successfully in a conference which has comparable enrollments and programs.

The following recommendations are respectfully submitted to the Vigo County School Corp. for consideration, especially in the area of football and in relation to North and South Vigo High Schools and the MIC.

Initiate a middle school football program, with high school coaches having coordinating responsibilities.

The middle schools should begin practice at least one week prior to school starting and play a sufficient number of games.

The middle school coaches should be available to assist the high school coaches with scouting and other football-related activities.

A middle school football program will afford an opportunity for more potential athletes to gain valuable experience, build confidence, enthusiasm and provide valuable support for the high school programs.

A strong and well-organized middle school football program will be valuable to the overall athletic and football programs, while improving the competitive level.

The Vigo County School Corp., if not the only school district, is one of the few that does not have a middle school football program.

The Vigo County School Corp. should seriously consider discontinuing North and South Vigo High School’s affiliation in the MIC, especially in football, and seek scheduling and conference affiliation with schools that have more comparable enrollments and budgets, while providing a good level of competition.

Who are we and why are we suggesting these recommendations?

Our committee includes former football coaches with extensive and successful football coaching and educational experience at all levels in Vigo County and other areas.

We are a dedicated group of individuals working together to do what we can to improve and restore the football programs to a competitive level that the students, schools and community can support.

Although our community is very loyal to our high school athletic programs, we have observed a significant drop in attendance at local games since fans of the opposing larger MIC schools do not typically follow their teams to Terre Haute. In addition, with the dominance of the Indianapolis area schools, our local support has suffered.

We realize that the School Board under the superintendent’s direction has a difficult task of satisfying the many needs and requirements of the corporation, including academics, athletics and other extracurricular activities. We realize that extracurricular activities are but one of the many concerns, however we strongly feel the community expects our schools to compete with schools having similar programs based on enrollments, staffs, athletic programs and facilities.

The athletic programs are for the students, so we should do what is reasonably possible to establish and maintain an environment which provides an opportunity for our athletes to compete at a level that is consistent with our ability to provide the necessary support to successfully compete.

We are not in any way criticizing the present or past coaches, considering they have been placed in a position that has made it very difficult, if not impossible, to compete at the level of most of the teams on the schedule, especially those in the MIC.

— Steve Osborn, Dan McGrath, Pete Varda, Wayne Stahley, Ramon T. Roman, Brent Anderson, Tony Brewer and Bob Warren

Terre Haute

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