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The Editorial Board often speaks its mind on issues in this space. Today, it lets others speak for it.


On the prospects of a casino in Danville, Ill., competing against one in Terre Haute:

“The success of Terre Haute and Danville will somewhat depend on which is opened first. It is certainly in the best interest of Vigo County and the state of Indiana to move this process along as quickly as possible.”

— Greg Gibson, vice chairman of Spectacle Entertainment and a Terre Haute developer hoping to locate a casino in Vigo County


On President Trump's tariff threats against Mexico if the country doesn't stop illegal migration over the southern border:

“Using economic threats against our neighbor and one of our country’s largest trading partners to compensate for unfulfilled promises by the administration and Congress on immigration is an irrational — and extremely damaging — concept. ... Indiana businesses and consumers will once again be the innocent victims through paying what amounts to tax increases. Nearly one-sixth of the $4.5 billion of Mexican products imported into our state in 2018 came in the important auto parts sector. If implemented, a likely retaliation of tariffs on American products will further impact Hoosiers and damage our economy.”

— Kevin Brinegar, president and CEO of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce


On plans to construct a new building to house the Terre Haute Police Department:

“Constructing the new police station at the existing city-owned site will ensure we don’t lose any of our significant investment so far, and the central location will best serve the citizens of Terre Haute.”

— Mayor Duke Bennett, commenting on the proposed building site on Wabash Avenue


On the impact of Sunday alcohol sales in he year since it took effect in Indiana:

"We've seen a decrease in sales on Saturdays and Mondays. Sunday just kind of makes up for it. It's been relatively flat for us overall."

— Todd Antz, owner and operator of two liquor stores in Clarksville and New Albany


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