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Cheers, jeers and tears

• Cheers to Joe Newport, a longtime Terre Haute law enforcement officer who plans to retire in early January from his post as chief of the Indiana State University public safety department. Before joining ISU police, Newport had served for 23 years with the Terre Haute Police Department, including time as its chief. Newport’s 43 years in law enforcement earned him numerous accolades for his work and for the positive image he projected as a police officer.

• Cheers to Indiana Sens. Todd Young and Mike Braun for efforts to name the post office in Dana after the community’s favorite son, Ernie Pyle. Dana has long embraced Pyle, who grew up on a farm just outside the small Vermillion County town. Pyle, a nationally known journalist and war correspondent, became famous during World War II for his columns from the battlefield as the U.S.-led Allied Forces overcame the Axis powers and ultimately defeated Nazi Germany’s vaunted army to bring an end to the war in Europe. Pyle’s war columns won him a Pulitzer Prize. The Ernie Pyle World War II Museum in Dana, which includes his birth home, stands in honor of this great Hoosier’s contribution to the war effort. Pyle was killed by enemy gunfire on the island of Ie Shima in the waning days of the war in the Pacific. A post office at Dana in Pyle’s name would be a fitting tribute.

• Jeers to thieves and vandals who trespass on private property, wreck and steal holiday decorations or steal packages from porches during the Christmas season. At a time when spirits are high, these activities remind us of the unfortunate fact that you can never let your guard down, even during a season of celebration, joy and glad tidings.

• Tears at the death of native Hoosier William Ruckelshaus, a highly regarded Republican state legislator before he rose to a position as the first administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. He later was appointed as a U.S. deputy attorney general, a post he resigned from when he refused to follow the order of President Richard Nixon to fire Watergate Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox. His resignation, as well as the resignation of Attorney General Elliott Richardson, became known as the Saturday Night Massacre during the height of the Watergate scandal. Ruckelshaus’ commitment to principle allowed him to escape the Watergate era with a positive reputation.


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