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Hulman Center being prepared for the future

In just a few days, Sycamores basketball fans will get their first look at the ongoing renovations taking place inside Indiana State University's Hulman Center.

We think they'll like what they see.

That's not to say the major renovations are anywhere near being complete. They are not. But the design plan allowed for big events such as basketball games and commencement to go on as scheduled during the construction.

What fans will see when they enter Hulman Center on Saturday is a project that is halfway complete. Even though they will find themselves in the middle of a construction zone, they will also get a chance to see just how spectacular this renovation will be.

The university continues to work its way through the two-year, $50 million project even though basketball games, and the Dec. 14 winter commencement, will take place inside. Construction is ongoing and is still a year away from being completed.

But many improvements will already be evident. ISU officials point out that a new lighting system is complete, creating a much brighter court. A lot of the work on the facade is also finished, showing the building’s updated look.

ISU officials remind people attending events that they will encounter a different experience than what they are accustomed to while the construction is ongoing. We suspect they already know that, and will remain patient. Meanwhile, everyone will get a good look at what is already complete and can day-dream what the facility will look like when everything is complete.

Hulman Center opened in 1973. While there have been improvements made throughout the years, nothing approaches the renovation that is currently underway. The building has been a point of pride in downtown Terre Haute through the years. The current project ensures it will remain that way for years to come.

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