Veterans Day is always special when communities — and the people who inhabit them and provide them with their social fabric and human spirit — pause in prayerful moments to exude appreciation to the men and women who have served in our nation’s military.

But the day was made even more special in Terre Haute on Sunday when Brian Mundell opened the doors to his Veterans Memorial Museum, a labor of patriotic love that should make us all proud.

It’s clear from the turnout on the museum’s opening day that people approve of what Mundell’s done. Several hundred visited the museum to review exhibits and tell Mundell how much they appreciate his efforts.

The museum, located at 1129 Wabash Ave., is small but packed with military memorabilia. Mundell hopes to build on his collection as time goes on. It will be open each Saturday from 2-6 p.m. and by appointment.

We join the community in congratulating Mundell for creating this wonderful local tribute to military veterans, and wish him well for the future.


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