Winning ISU football team has made amazing strides

With pitched battles over politics, the jail, school board election and other assorted issues, it was easy to miss the sudden rise of the Indiana State University football team.

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South standout now an IU hall-of-famer

Only a dozen athletes in the history of Indiana University have earned the Big Ten Conference Most Valuable Player Award in men's basketball. Former Terre Haute South Vigo High School standout Brian Evans is one of those elite 12 Hoosiers.

Strong turnout in big day at polls

After several election cycles with weak and disappointing voter turnout, the democratic process in Vigo County felt an infusion of energy on Tuesday.

Much is at stake as Americans go to polls

If early voting trends are a true indication, today's mid-term election may be one of the more active for voters nationwide than the country has seen in recent cycles.


Donnelly, Braun pitch alternative viewpoints

There is unquestionably a lot at stake in Tuesday's election, and Hoosier voters find themselves in a critical position to play a major role in the long-term political direction of our country.


Contrasting styles in race for Congress

William Tanoos displays enthusiasm, independence and an eagerness to listen to people whose views differ from his own.

Those qualities would well serve residents of Indiana's 8th Congressional District.


Gambill, Ford bringenergy, experienceJon Ford has given residents of Vigo and Clay counties a moderate, results-oriented voice in the Indiana Senate since his 2014 election in District 38.A centrist approach is valuable because that Senate district i

Pfaff, Felling have much to offer voters

For more than 20 years, House District 43 of the Indiana General Assembly has been served by Clyde Kersey, a retired school teacher and county officeholder. His exceptional and dedicated service sets an example of what an effective citizen legislator should be.


Holding AG accountable an elusive goal

Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill refused to take responsibility last summer when his drunken, boorish behavior toward several women at a post-Legislature party in March was revealed.


Election Day remains 17 days away, but some promising signs of stronger voter participation have emerged in Vigo County.

The community desperately needs to revitalize its civic engagement.

Voters have no shortage of options for polling locations

Nov. 6 is Election Day across the land, what many political watchdogs are calling one of the most consequential midterm elections in modern U.S. history.

Focusing on issues a positive exercise

An informed, active and engaged citizenry will always — ALWAYS — make for a community that more effectively and efficiently performs its responsibilities to self-governance and deals with its most pressing problems.

Deadline approaching to be eligible for 2018 election

The 2018 election, commonly called the mid-term election because it occurs in the middle of a U.S. presidential term, is a little less than five weeks. The ballot will be full of contested races for elective posts from U.S. Senate down to the township level.

Sparkling effort from those who care about community appearance

Litter and dumped trash are familiar sights in many sectors of Terre Haute. The battle to keep the city presentable often seems uphill.

Local LWV's efforts help citizens become better-informed voters

The local political campaign season is in full swing, which means voters are beginning to tune in to the races that will fill the ballot for the Nov. 6 general ballot.

Coca-Cola bottle has its 'root' in community history

It may be odd quirk of history that the iconic Coca-Cola bottle was designed and created right here in Terre Haute. But it was no accident.

Federal grant will boost efforts to improve kids' mental health

Vigo County has long been doing something right when it comes to creating a culture of collaboration to meet the mental health needs of its children.


Don't let yourself be drawn to confrontation

The irony may be as wide as a six-lane highway. But it's hard not to get worked up when talking about road rage.


Rose-Hulman took right path on plan for controversial speaker

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology in Terre Haute is just the latest college campus to encounter the complexities and contradictions of First Amendment freedoms.

Massive sinkhole could signal major problems below streets

That gaping hole on Ohio Street at its intersection of Fourth Street has become the object of much humor and, yes, ridicule since it appeared suddenly last Wednesday afternoon. It is, indeed, a bizarre sight to see. Sometimes all you can do is laugh.

Blues festival brings music to life at community crossroads

A highlight of every year in downtown Terre Haute is the Blues at the Crossroads music festival, the two-day romp at Seventh and Wabash that brings thousands to the heart of the city for fun and frolic.

Lane restrictions over Canal Road bridges in effect soon

Late summer and early fall tend to be the times when work zone activities related to the road construction season begin to wane.

Rose-Hulman, SMWC continuing to excel

The rise of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology as a top engineering college in America has been an ongoing phenomenon that shows no signs of diminishing. It reached that pinnacle in the late 1990s and has stayed there for two decades.


Coordinated terror attacks changed country and culture in many ways

Seventeen years ago today, America awoke to a new reality. Foreign terrorists had breached its shores in a new and devastating way. No longer could we feel insulated or protected from an enemy who showed it could plan and carry out a coordinated mission of violence and destruction.


Indiana's Democratic senator walks thin line to court GOP voters

During the Indiana Republican Party primary last spring for the nomination to oppose incumbent Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly, former state legislator Mike Braun, and U.S. Reps. Todd Rokita and Luke Messer fell all over themselves in an attempt to be the candidates most closely associated with their party's president, Donald Trump.

Probe produces credible report on officer's shooting death in May

The painstaking process of investigating, compiling and reviewing the circumstances and mounds of evidence from the May 4 death of Terre Haute police officer Rob Pitts has been completed and a final report released.


From Vietnam to U.S. Senate, he served well

National political figures rise and fall, emerge and disappear, live and die. Some make an impact, large and small, on the lives of the people they serve.


There's more to electoral process than infrastructure

The security and integrity of the U.S. electoral process became a big issue in the wake of the 2016 election. It prompted reviews, reassessments and re-evaluations of voting systems nationwide.

Air show great success despite its challenges

It's understandable if Vigo County is still feeling a bit hung over as this week goes on. Last weekend was a high-flying one for the history books and won't soon be forgotten.

Riding the rails for safety

People are in a hurry to get where they need to go. We get that. Aggravations and obstacles of all kinds present themselves at the most inopportune times.

Grant to CASA will help program do its good work

Some of the neediest children in our community have real-life guardian angels. They are part of what is known as CASA, the Court Appointed Special Advocate program.