I was very surprised and more than just a little angry when I saw an election ad for the 42nd District in the state of Indiana. That includes a piece of Vigo County, some of Clay and Fountain counties, and perhaps Warren, and all of Vermillion and Parke counties. This commercial tries to wrap Mark Spelbring in a blanket with the President of the United States, so if you don’t like President Obama, it indicates Spelbring has a lot to do with the President’s programs.

Are you dumber than a box of rocks? Mark Spelbring has been a county agent in Vermillion and Parke counties and perhaps others I do not remember. He was an advocate for and someone who assisted the counties and their fair boards, 4-H programs, agriculture and education. The ad is trying to paint him in the White House standing by the President of the United States. Mark Spelbring may approve of many things the President has done, and I suspect he disapproves of some things the President has done. But, his job as a county agent was to help all of the farmers in Parke and Vermillion counties assist FFA programs and education in general. Spelbring is not a flaming Liberal but a man who has spent his life serving others. Not exactly a partisan position, but assisting both Republicans and Democrats where he could in his role as county agent.

It looks to me as if the lies and name calling of the Republican Party for this upcoming election is simply an act of stirring up the dust because they cannot stand on their record in looking after our kids and our schools.

Our schools are being ripped apart and the money goes to charter schools that are being run by people in large corporations. They are simply a mess, and since the Republicans would rather not stand on the true record of their involvement in these charter schools, they start throwing the mud around hoping someone like you will believe them.

I know Alan Morrison and I think Alan is a good guy, but his fight for all of the things the right-wing wants is just like opening the door to the hen house for a fox to get in. If we fill up the House of Representatives with like-thinking people, we will be flushing our public school system down the drain and what is left will be chaos.

Mark Spelbring doesn’t have the big budget to spend because the right-wing, big money is supporting his opponent. He is a good man and has worked a lifetime in service to the counties where he was the county agent. In many areas of the 42nd District, the big income-maker is agriculture. And it seems to me it would be smart if we put someone in the office of State Representative who knows a great deal about this subject. Mark Spelbring is not only a native Hoosier but someone who understands us and wants to do better for all of us.

This Obama blanket and the ad I saw don’t make any sense at all. Like the right-wing dictator of Nazi Germany, the Republican campaign boosters are taking a page right out of Mein Kampf. In that book where Hitler laid out his plans for the future, he said, “Don’t tell little lies, because everyone lies a little, tell a lie that is big enough to be believed.” Dress that up in thousands of American dollars and you’ll see it soon, if you haven’t already from Republican campaigns. Again, I remind the Republican campaigners of what that first Republican president said ...”You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all people all the time.” It makes me more determined to make sure I vote for the people who built the covered bridges, who plant the corn and harvest it, volunteer for all the things that make this part of the State of Indiana famous, and work diligently to keep our schools away from the political knives of the charter schools that are ballyhooed by the Republican Party. This means I will be voting for Mark Spelbring. See you at the polls!

Ronn Mott, a longtime radio personality in Terre Haute, writes commentaries for the Tribune-Star. His pieces are published online Tuesday and Thursday on Tribstar.com, and in the print and online on Saturday.

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