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There have been two topics of Mike Pence for president stories in recent weeks. The first has been about Pence taking his nascent campaign to Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, preparing for an upstart 2024 campaign.

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Mary Ellen and I have a standing argument — literally, a standing argument. She claims that the first thing I do when I enter a room is sit down.


Kurt Vonnegut didn’t seem himself. It was not that long before he died. He and I were dining at an Italian restaurant not far from his brownstone in Manhattan.


The court decisions came in quick succession, like the pounding of a hammer hitting a nail head in the hands of a skilled carpenter.

I’m about to turn 75. I’ve always wanted to be a grumpy old man. Over the years, I thought I had made a lot of headway in this area, especially in the getting older part, which is easy. I also found myself getting progressively grumpier, as well. Or so I thought.

Economists tell us that the current high rate of inflation is not forever. And it's not all bad, certainly not for workers whose rising wages play a part in the climbing prices.

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