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The attempt to take over America

There has been a lot of talk nationally and locally about the attempt to overthrow our government and our newly and fairly elected president on Jan. 6.

Members of the public should take advantage of a series of public meetings aimed at gaining feedback on the state's once-a-decade redistricting process.

Elections won, elections stolen

Concerning your rebuttal of Mr. Conner’s letter claims of election fraud, we had eight years of President Obama and Biden and yet somehow the 2016 election was stolen from Secretary Clinton?

One thing that stood out after the Capitol and D.C. Metro police testimony Tuesday before the fledgling House Jan. 6 Select Committee was how close this “insurrection” came to being an atrocity that could have ignited a violent nationwide spasm.

Gratitude and appreciation for great support

Unfortunately, we find ourselves suffering the loss of another police officer in the line of duty. Detective Greg Ferency was a remarkable and dedicated member of the Terre Haute Police Department.

Over 160 years, parties changed

In several of his letters to the editor, Jeffrey Aitken assumes that today’s political parties have maintained their same beliefs for more than the last one 160 years. This is not accurate.


Not long ago, the FBI confirmed that its 2018 investigation of then U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was a sham.

We are medical students from across Indiana; and, as the next generation of doctors, we are committed to a standard of excellence — to build upon the health and life expectancy gains of recent generations.

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