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Winning ISU football team has made amazing strides

With pitched battles over politics, the jail, school board election and other assorted issues, it was easy to miss the sudden rise of the Indiana State University football team.

It appears journalists are headed for a defining moment with President Donald Trump over the right of the press to ask him tough questions in a manner the president considers rude and hostile.

South standout now an IU hall-of-famer

Only a dozen athletes in the history of Indiana University have earned the Big Ten Conference Most Valuable Player Award in men's basketball. Former Terre Haute South Vigo High School standout Brian Evans is one of those elite 12 Hoosiers.

Overpaid taxes, no one listens

I didn’t bother to appeal the PTABOA board ruling on my 2016 property tax assessment. I simply didn’t feel the assessor or the board understood the problem the citizens of Vigo County face when dealing with the process.

A neuroscientist at the University of California was posting photos of everything he ate on his Facebook page. The expression “feed your face,” took on a new meaning. This professor claimed that revealing your food choices to the world will motivate you to eat better.

Amazing team at Sugar Grove

Sugar Grove Elementary, in a quiet neighborhood that was once a grove of sugar maple trees, is where a team of dedicated teachers, educational assistants, secretaries, kitchen staff, custodians, other professionals, and many other volunteers worked together to pour into 389 students every day.

It would be easy to consign Mike Braun’s epic, not-even-close upset of U.S. Sen. Joe Donnelly to a Democratic blunder on Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Donnelly, along with U.S. Sens. Heidi Heitkamp and Claire McCaskill all vot

A dozen years after Ernie Pyle died beside a road on a tiny Japanese island, his legacy altered the course of a Hoosier teenager's life.Keith Hamilton was an 18-year-old, freshly graduated from Anderson High School, northeast of Indianapolis. Some of

This Veterans Day, as we pause to pay tribute to the men and women who bear the burden of having safeguarded our freedom, we must ensure that our gratitude is extended to all veterans, even those who struggle to cope right here at home.

Strong turnout in big day at polls

After several election cycles with weak and disappointing voter turnout, the democratic process in Vigo County felt an infusion of energy on Tuesday.

Darkness was a major culprit

The tragedy in Rochester is unimaginable — three siblings dead and another seriously injured. These aren’t the only victims — their families, the bus driver and student witnesses, their schoolmates and teachers. The ripple effects touch everyone.

We are blessed with a beautiful forest behind our new home. The problem is that the trees need a bit of trimming, and that means I need to get out the chainsaw, a device I am only familiar with because of R-rated movies.

Much is at stake as Americans go to polls

If early voting trends are a true indication, today's mid-term election may be one of the more active for voters nationwide than the country has seen in recent cycles.

Don’t let vote be suppressed

Locally we recently had the story in the Tribune-Star (Oct. 24, 2018) examining the difficulties and hoops three longtime Vigo County citizens were required to negotiate in order to secure their voter registration status and the right to vote.

NASHVILLE, Ind. - Through all the Mexico Joe and China Mike antics, the food fights, splittin’ firewood, through the blur of tens of millions of dollars worth of TV ads, the Indiana U.S. Senate race is in its final days.

Council has done its job on jail tax

First, I’ve never written a letter to the editor and this expresses my personal opinions based on information gleaned from the media, Vigo County Council meetings and knowledge from being directly and indirectly connected with some of the players.


Donnelly, Braun pitch alternative viewpoints

There is unquestionably a lot at stake in Tuesday's election, and Hoosier voters find themselves in a critical position to play a major role in the long-term political direction of our country.


Matt Tully died Monday night.

The Indianapolis Star columnist lost a hard battle with stomach cancer. His passing prompted an outpouring of tributes regarding his work and his contributions to this community, all of them deserved.