Vigo County School Corp. teachers will vote Tuesday on a tentative collective bargaining agreement with the School Board, said Kim Fidler, Indiana State Teachers Association UniServ director.

The school board will ratify it at a later time.

The teachers union and school board representatives reached the tentative agreement the Friday before Thanksgiving; information was presented to teachers at Woodrow Wilson Middle School this afternoon.

"Today was the first day we could present information to the teachers because they were on Thanksgiving break last week," she said.

Fidler said she could not release details of the agreement, but teachers will receive a pay increase. Not everyone will receive the same increase, she said.

Under a new law passed this year, the tentative agreement must be posted on the district website 72 hours prior to a public meeting where the school board discusses it. The school board must then conduct a separate meeting to ratify the contract.

The board will conduct its next regular meeting on Monday.

Fidler said negotiations were delayed until results of the referendum were known; if the referendum hadn't passed, the district would have had to make $8 million in cuts instead of $4 million. "We appreciate everyone voting for the referendum," she said.

She described the tentative agreement as a "good settlement" although there "were a few pieces we weren't especially thrilled about."

The fact that the district had to go to taxpayers for a referendum means it was having financial difficulties, and while the referendum doesn't solve every problem, it will help the district moving forward, she said.

Fidler, as ISTA Uniserv director, offers support to teacher bargaining teams and also may act as spokesperson.

Teachers who are union members will vote Tuesday.

Representatives of the school district could not immediately be reached for comment this evening.

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