Fayette Elementary celebrates IREAD-3 scores

Students at Fayette Elementary School celebrate the news that all third-graders at the school passed the IREAD 3 test taken earlier this year.  Districtwide, 91.1 percent of VCSC third-graders passed the test, surpassing the state average.

The Vigo County School Corp. has achieved its highest pass rate ever on the Indiana Reading Evaluation and Determination test (IREAD-3).

IREAD-3 measures foundational reading standards in third grade students each spring and summer.

According to VCSC, 91.1% of third graders passed the test this year, better than the state average of 87.3%.

Thirteen of the district's 18 elementary schools beat the state average, including Fayette Elementary School, which recorded a perfect 100% pass rate.

“Our teachers do an excellent job making sure our students are readers,” said Karen Goeller, deputy superintendent. “The consistently high quality of teaching across our district on a daily basis is a major reason why we have high IREAD-3 scores.”

In addition, VCSC scores surpassed those of the top nine districts by enrollment that are part of the Indiana Urban Schools Association. 

The IREAD-3 assessment is part of series of exams created to support early reading instruction in grades K-3. Introduced as a part of 2010 legislation, the test asks third graders to demonstrate grade level reading proficiency before moving on to fourth-grade reading instruction.

Officials believe the scores are particularly impressive in light of the district's mobility rate, which far exceeds the state average. Mobility rate measures how often a student moves schools, whether inside or outside a district. Curriculum coordinators work closely with teachers to use a corporation-wide pacing guide so that students stay on track no matter what school they’re attending.

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