Testimony has ended in the homicide trial of Earl Taylor in Vigo Superior Court 1.

Judge John Roach dismissed jurors about mid afternoon today, with directions to return Friday morning to hear closing arguments and final instructions before deliberating on the fate of Taylor, accused of first-degree murder in the 1975 death of his wife Kathy.

Defense attorneys Michael Brewer and Dennis Majewski presented only two defense witnesses following the lunch break today.

Terre Haute attorney William Maher took the stand to say that he did not go to the Taylor home on April 2, 1975, the day that Earl Taylor reported finding his wife dead in the bathtub with a submerged clock radio. Previous witness testimony had placed Maher at the home when police arrived at the scene.

And retired detective Tom Roberts returned to the witness stand to testify about his witness interview notes, which had some conflicting information about when Earl Taylor was seen at his home on that date.

The jury had also heard testimony from forensic pathologist Dr. Roland Kohr that he did not believe Kathy Taylor died of electrocution from the clock radio. Kohr said he believes that bruises on the dead woman's arms and chin indicated that someone held her face down in the bathtub to drown her.

An electrical engineer who tested the clock radio pulled from the tub also stated in court today that a test on the submerged unit showed it did not have enough power to electrocute a person.

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