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Austen Leake/Tribune-Star

Police are in an armed standoff in the 2200 block of First Avenue with a suspect in an earlier shooting on Putnam Street. Chief John Plasse said officers have been fired upon. 

Update, 8:10 p.m

Deputy Chief Shawn Keen of the Terre Haute Police Department released this statement vie email at 8:02 p.m.

"Officers, investigators, and members of the special response team are engaged in a standoff at 2214 1st Avenue. The subject of the standoff is the suspect in the earlier shooting on Putnam Street. That shooting has resulted in the death of one person and serious injury to another. The suspect has fired multiple rounds at officers and we ask that people stay clear of the area. Further information will be released when possible."

Updated at 7:50 p.m.

Shots were fired at officers and city police are engaged in a standoff in the 2200 block of First Avenue in Terre Haute.

The suspect is the person wanted in connection with an earlier shooting in the 2100 block of Putnam Street, Police Chief John Plasse confirmed.

Plasse said that person had fired at officers, and just before 5:40 p.m. shots could clearly be heard in the area. Police are directing onlookers and the media to get farther away, saying the suspect was firing.  

Police have deployed officers with rifles, an armored vehicle and imaging equipment. 

It appears police have gotten a phone to the suspect so as to communicate with him.

Among the many bystanders was Melissa Hutchinson, who said her mom lives close to the site of the standoff. "She's worried about her safety," Hutchinson said.

At the Putnam Street location, Vigo County Prosecutor Terry Modesitt confirmed two people had been taken to hospital with gunshot wounds.

Authorities had not confirmed any fatalities as of  6 p.m.

Shortly before 6 p.m. Modesitt and police officers re-entered the Putnam Street location and appeared to be focusing on something on the floor just inside the front door.

Tribune-Star personnel are on site; this story will be updated.