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Categories like "Opera Zingers" and "National Maritime Sanctuaries" can leave many of the syndicated TV game show's loyal viewers baffled in their living rooms, yet intrigued by the contestants who respond correctly. Meanwhile, college professors possess deep wells of the historical, cultural, societal and economic knowledge necessary to be a "Jeopardy!" champion.

Indiana's largest electric utility is seeking regulatory approval to raise its rates 1% every year until 2029 to pay for an $1.9 billion upgrade aimed at hardening its electric grid against severe weather.


Not long ago, a dear friend of ours, Sherri Russell, lost her husband, Jeff, who was far from old, just 58. As is typical of a giving person, she asked me if I’d like to come over and look through some of his books, for she knew we had a similar love of history, and she wanted his things to first go to the people he knew.

topical featured

Geneva, IN — Although the thoughts of a weekend hike I took amid falling leaves are still foremost in my mind, I feel a need to take you across the state to Gene Stratton-Porter’s “Limberlost Cabin” for today’s story. In a feature coming this Saturday, I detail in both pictures and words the feel of the swamps and meadows she explored over a century ago, but her house on the southern edge of this small, typically Hoosier town may say as much or more about the author than even her best-selling books.

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