Two Vigo County offices were temporarily closed Tuesday until noon due to what was reported as bed bugs.

"We got a report yesterday afternoon that there was an insect found in one of the county offices," said Commissioner Jon Marvel. "It was reported to be a bed bug. We immediately contacted exterminators and they came in Monday evening" about 6 p.m."

"They came in with a team of five dogs, which are trained to sniff out bed bugs or insects," Marvel said. "They did alert on two places. The two objects were immediately encased in plastic and removed."

The objects included an office printer and a wood mail box.

Marvel said the county recorder and county auditor closed their offices early this morning, but were open again by noon.

"The pest control people were pleasantly surprised as it was a very, very low incident," Marvel said. The pest control firm will return this evening "to make a second chemical treatment and will make periodic checks," Marvel said.

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