Steve Carter made his last official visit to Terre Haute as Indiana’s attorney general on Monday.

Carter’s term will end Jan. 12, 2009.

“It’s been an honor to serve as the state attorney general the past eight years,” Carter said, “and I’ve enjoyed coming to the Wabash Valley and talking about, mostly, consumer protection issues.”

The Office of the Attorney General has been instrumental in cutting down unwanted telephone calls from telemarketers through its Telephone Privacy Division.

Carter said Monday that more than 75 million calls have been stopped to Vigo County through the Do-Not-Call list.

“About 70 percent of residential phone lines here are on our list,” Carter said. “We did a survey and over 90 percent say they get fewer calls after they’ve been on the list.

“Seldom do you have a governmental program with that kind of interest and that kind of satisfaction where people are getting what they want,” he said.

Carter said he has spent quite a bit of time in the Wabash Valley, most recently this past summer dealing with an Indiana Supreme Court case regarding “robo-calls” as part of political campaigning.

“The Indiana Supreme Court ruled last week in a unanimous 5-0 decision that the law does apply to political parties, also,” Carter said. “That was an early Christmas present that will ultimately mean fewer robo-calls to Indiana citizens during political campaigns.”

Carter did not have any particular advice for the incoming attorney general, Greg Zoeller, but said, “I think Hoosiers will continue to want to see the attorney general focus on consumer protection issues.”

Carter said, “I can pretty much go up and down the street [in Terre Haute], and recall different issues we’ve worked on here.”

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