On Friday and Saturday, court will be in session as the Terre Haute South Drama Club presents a Fairy Tale Courtroom, directed by drama teacher Ms. Reed.

The play, a comedy, is made up of a 23-student cast. The plot centers around a mock trial, convicting both the Big Bad Wolf, played by Evan Jorgenson, and the Wicked Witch, played by Abbie Haley, for simply being themselves. Throughout the performance, many commonly known fairy tale characters make an appearance. Snow White and her dwarfs, Little Red Riding Hood, Dorothy, and Hansel and Gretel are all present. The antagonistic characters are represented by the prosecutor, Gabriel Long, and the district attorney is played by Alex Englert.

The students are having a great time and enjoying the challenge their characters present. Senior Heather Barbee, who plays one of Snow White’s seven dwarfs, must do everything in unison with her fellow dwarfs. Haley, a senior, is excited about the surprises her character has in store for the audience. She has fun with her part as the Wicked Witch, which is, according to her, “so unlike my natural, fun-loving self.”

German foreign exchange student Monique Brochert is also in the play. Brochert will play Gretel, her German accent making her character even more realistic. So far, she has relished the experience, stating, “I love doing the play, and I’m glad Ms. Reed cast me.”

Reed, who is in her ninth year as director, is pleased with the way rehearsals have gone thus far. She believes in her students and appreciates the hard work and effort they put into the play. Her main goal for this year’s production? “The students always do a good job, but this year I would like for publicity to increase.” Reed wants everyone to see the result of the talented students’ hard work.

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