Sheriff says animals rescued from hoarding site

Vermillion County Sheriff Mike Phelps said these cats were among those found by county personnel when checking out complaints regarding the Troll Keep Kitty Haven in Horshoe, a rural Dana area. The humane society removed 56 cats, 10 dogs, and 26 birds.

Vermillion County authorities say they discovered a case of hoarding and have rescued dozens of animals from the Troll Keep Kitty Haven in Horseshoe, a rural Dana area.

Sheriff Mike Phelps said his department began to investigate after it received tips from from people who said they had adopted kittens from the facility and those cats had experienced severe health problems.

Deputy Chad Akers went to the site Oct. 12 and tried to contact the owners of Troll Keep, the sheriff said in a news release. While there, Akers observed animals running loose and evidence of extreme hoarding.

Akers obtained a search warrant Oct. 13, and he and other deputies along with personnel from the Parke-Vermillion Humane Society, the Vermillion County health inspector and a zoning officer served the warrant. Phelps said authorities found the living and animal conditions very poor.

The humane society removed 56 cats, 10 dogs, and 26 birds from the two modular homes. The homes were deemed unfit for human habitation by the health inspector, the sheriff said.

Information has been forwarded to the prosecutor's office, the sheriff said. As of Tuesday morning, no arrests had been made nor charges filed.

The humane society is asking for help, including monetary donations. The humane society can be reached at 765-492-3540 and is located behind the Vermillion County Jail.

The sheriff's office asks that anyone who has received an animal from the facility to please contact the department by phone at 765-492-3737 or fill out the contact form at

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