For shoppers looking to score Black Friday deals, many skipped the thanks and went straight to the getting.

Outside the Best Buy store on U.S. 41S, six would-be shoppers were already in line before 11 a.m. Thanksgiving Day. Complete with chairs, blankets and books, all said they’d be there for the midnight opening.

Russell Niece recalled the line of last year’s shoppers stretched all the way back to Olive Garden. As his television was stolen earlier this year, he had his sights set on one of today’s special promotions.

“They have a 40-inch Toshiba television,” he said, explaining Best Buy would be offering a limited number of the sets for a reduced price. With a box full of turkey sandwiches, he was prepared to wait all day and night for a crack at the sets. “So, I’m No. 4 in line.”

Ivy Tech student Jonathan Gray said he too was in need of a television set. His current model was built in 1991, and the 40-inch Toshiba sounded like a good deal.

“I typically go out around 11 p.m. or so. I’ve never done this before. I really need a TV,” he said, armed with his homework and reading materials for school to keep him occupied.

On the other side of town, Ethan and Betsy Stevenson said they’d just stopped into Rural King to grab some items before the family’s Thanksgiving Day dinner later. With Ethan away at Vincennes University, the holiday made for a good opportunity to do some shopping, his mother said.

“We just saw 20 percent off Carhartt,” she said, holding up the name-brand sweatshirts and clothing to check sizes.

Brookelynn Guerin worked the store’s apparel department Thanksgiving Day and said clothing was among the big items moving that afternoon.

“People have been buying a lot of our Carhartt, and our sweet feed went on sale today,” she said. Today’s sales include 30 percent off Columbia sportswear, and she anticipated a big turnout for that as well.

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